Friday, June 24, 2016


This bench faces the beautiful San Clemente Pier on the Pacific Ocean. It's such a refreshing place that our family loves to visit. There also happens to be a yummy pizza place and little ice cream shop across the street too. ;) Anyway! I saw this message on the bench and knew it was a Word from God to me, "Sit. Rest in the Lord, Julie." Makes me want to apply the 4-by-4 breathing Stephen taught me this week. You breathe in for 4 counts, hold that breath for 4 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. Try it! It's so relaxing. I have been using it in moments when I find poop on the walls, a toy shark in the potty, another busted out window screen, my list of moving preparations that still need to get done, and also when I slow down enough to catch a beautiful piece of God's creation outside of and inside our home. Sit Back. Rest Awhile. Trust Unwaveringly. Breathe Deeply. I read a quote from Charles Spurgeon, "When you can't trace God's God's heart." Trust His character! He is good, faithful, just, loving, compassionate, holy, and very intentional in each of our lives. He's greater than any obstacle in my life presently: anger, addictions, fear, name a few. I needed that as we come to our last 5 weeks of serving at Camp Pendleton and face a lot of unknowns. PCS (permanent change of station) is always an exciting and scary time in our lives. A beautiful array of emotions flood my heart every now and then and I find myself randomly ugly crying. Lol! I love change and I'm definitely looking forward to the adventure of Japan! However, God has allowed us the blessings of living near my mum, having amazing friends, wonderful neighbors, a precious Chapel family to lead and be taught by, and fantastic memories made as our family has grown in everyway over the past 3 years❤️ Thank you dear people for loving our family and making this time one that I will hold forever near to my heart! 

                     Micah~ 3 1/2 yrs old

                  Beniah~ 12 months 
"Oh God, forgive me for excusing away my sin of worrying, fearing, and lying to myself that I have can have control over things and people in my life. I have grasped for any piece of thread that I could hold on to as a substitute for relinquishing my life and all that I treasure into your hands. Help me to learn more about You, my Creator. Teach me how to rest in Your character and that to be "enough." One day I will pass on to the next life to be with You and only what I have done to please you will matter then.  Help me to be still and know that you are God. Amen."