Monday, October 5, 2015

Perfection...and Being Far From It

Walking down the Carlsbad Beach cliffs with my crew!
It didn't take long for M to be soaked and loving every moment of it. 
T is much more thoughtful in her approach and searched diligently for beautiful seashell treasures. 
M trying to skip rocks like his daddy :)

My giant baby B hanging out with Mom and Dad! I had to pack up all of his 9 month clothes today and move him into 12-18 month gear...He's only 4 months old, folks! Such a big, cute, and squishy baby. There is something so healing about snuggling a tiny one. I didn't always feel that way, though. Lol! I definitely went through a time were I wasn't sure that I even liked kids. :) However, God has a way of softening and transforming hearts, right?! My desire to have children slowly grew and we set sail on uncharted waters that lead us through grief of loss and unimaginable joys of gain. 

You would never guess by looking at these pictures that I was presently having a pity party, Stephen and I weren't communicating well, and within a few hours...I'd be calling him on the phone and start by saying, "The last thing I want to do right now is talk to you because I'm mad and so frustrated...but I know that we need to work through this miscommunication. So, I apologize for being, impatient, irritable and discouraging..." We then talked through some heavy stuff to the background noise of a crying baby and two tired toddlers. God healed our hearts and brought us closer together in the end. I say all of this to say that life isn't always as it seems...and it doesn't always go the way I'd like it too! ;) But God showed through a devotional I read (while I was still annoyed:) that I have the opportunity to show my kids how to respond to life when my plans are derailed. I can act THEIR age and throw a passive-aggressive-silent-but-deadly fit, or I can have a radical change of perspective. I can choose to see the change of events as divine interruptions. To remember that God directs my steps and is making His sovreign adjustments to my day. Pretty crazy to think about God being interested enough in my ordinary life to make any changes at all. Kinda makes me feel worth it all to Him❤️ He's so good and gracious. I want to get to that point where I eagerly anticipate the excitement God is going to orchestrate into my day. I welcome anyone who wants to remind me of this truth when I have forgotten tomorrow would be good! ;) 

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