Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Growing Pains ❤️

Our friend Amy took this picture for us two months ago. I just love seeing these little faces...and that guy is definitely a Stud on the inside and out❤️

Tierzah Bug is 4 1/2 yrs old now. Most days I don't slow down enough to squeeze her, look in her eyes, and just "be" with her. On those special days when I remember what is most important, I get to hear her tell the best stories, watch her be a ballerina, pretend to be a Girl Scout (she can't wait!), listen to her dreams of being a mama herself...and an austronaut that also saves the animals ;), answer her questions that actually require decent thought lol, snuggle her and hold her hand, teach her homeschool, and get schooled by her growing mind! I love her passionate heart...sometimes the dramatics drive me crazy...but they are all apart of what makes her so unique. I truly believe she could do anything she put her heart and soul into. Tierzah means, "she is my delight," and this girl brings us so much joy! I owe all my grey hairs and crows feet to this princess astronaut❤️
"Micah Thomas!" My 2 1/2 yr old has given me a run for my money! Lord Jesus, help me. Lol That's my prayer throughout every single day. Look at that face, though! Most people call him a "little surfer dude" with his tan skin, blue eyes, and sun bleached hair. It's hard to stay mad at him but I have more sympathy for my mom-in-law as I am sure Stephen was the same way! Micah also loves to ride his bike for hours, watch airplanes fly overhead, and pretend he is Dusty. He gets new words everyday which has cut down on the screaming...but boy, can this kid throw a fit like none I have ever seen. When I hear his feet hit the floor, I literally start begging God for His patience, love, gentleness, etc... :) Micah has been used by God to bring to the surface some deep rooted anger issues in me. I know, it's hard to imagine me getting angry (haha!). ;) But I'm thankful for it as I know it is refining me and showing me that I act out just like a 2 yr old sometimes as well. Micah, love you boy! Your aggression, persistence, stubbornness, and addiction to danger will all be used for good one day. :) I can't wait to see you live for Jesus and be a bold testimony of his Grace. 
Beniah the Brave! He's 4 months old and just weighed in at nearly 18lbs! My chunky boy eats every 2-3hrs and is already trying to grab my food from me. Lol He is adored by his big siblings and loves having their faces in his all day. Beniah is such a great baby! He makes me want to have many more little ones. ;) Yes, I have already forgotten what the vomiting for 6 months, back pain, and labor pain feels like. Lol Little B has started squawking at people and his smiles melt my frustration away. God has been so very gracious to us! 
In other news, we got orders to Okinawa Japan for August of next year! With this news we decided to start trying to sell our home. The day we called base housing to see if any homes were available, they said that a house just opened up! So we moved the following week and have been getting settled in over the past month. It's been a whirlwind! We couldn't have been blessed to better neighbors and being able to walk to the harbor and beach is not too bad either. ;) Please pray for our house to sell asap! We will be downsizing over the next year and preparing to live overseas. I'm not sure we have really processed everything yet, but I know that in the middle of God's will is the safest place to be so "here...there...or in the air", I hope we get to see some of your faces before we move again! 

Well, Stephen is at home putting kids to bed while I write at a coffee shop so I think I'll stop for now and write more soon. 

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