Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1/2 Marathon. Check!

I always told people, "I'm not a runner. I'm not built for that." But what was probably more true was that I tried it, wasn't immediately successful, it hurt, I had a hard time breathing, and then decided that "I just wasn't very good at it. Next exercise, please!" :) My sisters-in-law tried to get me to run with them when we were stationed back east and I thought I was going to die after 1 mile (thanks for being patient, Rachel! Lol). It wasn't until Stephen deployed to Kuwait in 2011 and started running races over there that I became inspired and believed that maybe I could give it another try. We bought a jogging stroller, I bundled up my little baby Tierzah, and we put one foot in front of the other. ;) She loved going for runs with me and I loved the endorphin release, fresh air, and something to look forward to during the week. It wasn't long before my sis-in-law, Suzanne, signed me up to run a 10K with her and my bro and sis-in-law, Paul and Cheryl, signed me up to run a 5K. I had never done anything like that before, but I'm sure if it wasn't for everyone encouraging and believing in me...I wouldn't have even tried in the first place. 

In 2012, I was in my last couple weeks of training for a 1/2 marathon, Stephen had been home from the deployment for 3 months...and I found out I was pregnant with Micah. :) I had some scares at the beginning of the pregnancy that made me choose to stop running and switch to less intense exercises. Running went on the back burner for the next 
11 months :) and then I got to pick it back up again. It was 2014, we had been transferred to the west coast, and I was training to knock that 1/2 marathon off my bucket list. In a 6 month period, I got pregnant, had a miscarriage, started training again, got a stress fracture, wore a boot for 8 weeks, and then got pregnant again with baby Beniah! 

One year later :), Stephen (who already knocked a full USMC Marathon off his bucket list) agreed to run a 1/2 marathon with me and help watch the kiddos on the days that I would need to do a longer run. Then my sis-in-law, Suzanne, called us to tell us that she had just signed up for her 1/2 Marathon and we needed to pony-up. ;) Over the past several weeks, we have been able to use the 'Map My Run' app together and give each other virtual high-fives, keep each other accountable, and vulnerable reveal when we were slacking. Lol! Thank you guys for being inspirational, motivating me to not quit, and being healthy competition. ❤️
My shirt says, "Jesus Didn't Tap!" I like to wear this shirt when I'm running or working out because it reminds me to keep my focus on Jesus, the ability that He is giving me to exercise, all that I have to be thankful for because of his sacrifice for me, and it makes me want to push harder when I think of how He never gave up. He's the realest Champion there ever was! I ran my 1/2 Marathon last Friday and couldn't help but think about all the correlations that endurance running has with the Christian Faith. It was not easy to see people relaxing on the beach while I was sweating :), I was in so much pain, 1/2 way through the run I thought, "This is so dumb. Why am I doing this? This was a bad idea! I'm probably going to collapse." Lol! I realized that I wasn't going to make it if I didn't change my perspective and start talking life giving words to myself. So I changed my thoughts to, "You can do this, Girl! Almost done, only 5 more miles! :) Don't quit. This is race like you mean it! Dear Jesus, thank you for the strength and ability to run and breath me not to die!" Haha! I didn't have an amazing finish time. I was just so grateful to actually finish at all! I may have cried on my way home. But I think that's what I need most in my spiritual journey as well 1) Time talking to Jesus throughout the day to rely on Him 2) Encouraging and Life Giving Words from the Bible to renew my perspective 3) Family (earthly and heavenly) who are running the same direction, encouraging/exhorting/and loving me as I hopefully do the same for them!

So, because of Jesus, 1/2 Marathon. Check!! Woo Hoo!! 

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

All This and Heaven Too?

I read this devotional by Craig Groeschel from his sermon series "#struggles" and it was so inspiring that I wanted to post it on my blog for my kids to read one day. I imagine technology is only going to continue in its advances and demand more and more of our attention. Praying I remember that only One Person truly satisfies! Sure, the pleasures of life (like getting to walk to the Harbor with my handsome hunny for Fajitas and Margaritas☺️) are super fun for a little while...but like Chaps Griffin preached recently, "they leave you wanting more- the thirst is never quenched. We need to be nourished by the Bread of Life and the Living Water...Jesus and The Bible." Here's the Devo:

"In the pursuit of fulfillment in life, technology and social media allow you to capture every moment along the way. You’re not only on the fast track to success, but you get to show selfies at each lap along the way. Which only confirms how up-to-the-nano-second cool you are.

So get the biggest data plan you can, and collect wi-fi passwords at every stop. Check in at all the cool places. Share every inspirational thought you have, and every joke. Snap lots of pics. Get video clips, too, of course. And never stop uploading the whole show to the Cloud as you go.

Post everything online for the whole world to see. Pile up Likes and Friends and Followers until it’s all just one frenzied blur. Hustle until your real life exceeds your dreams. And finally, once you’ve reached the summit, I can guarantee you this one thing: your longing for more never stops. Like the latest technology, your achievements are outdated overnight.

Why? How could that be possible?

Because you were not created for earth. You were created for eternity. And there is nothing on this earth that can ever satisfy that spiritual longing you feel inside—even if you can collect it all.


When I was a teenager, years before I knew Christ, I would hear people say, “God makes a Christ-shaped void inside every person.” I remember that saying annoying me. I remember not understanding what they were talking about. But then one day I learned for myself why they said it: because it is absolutely true. Nothing outside of a living relationship with Christ can ever fill the emptiness of that ache inside your heart.

Your scavenger hunt for success will never be enough. Christ is what you’re searching for. He is your source. He is your strength. He is your sustainer. He is your joy. He is your contentment. He is your all and all. He’s everything that matters.

When Christ is all you have, you’ll finally realize that Christ is all you need.


Christ. Is. All. You. Need.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Perfection...and Being Far From It

Walking down the Carlsbad Beach cliffs with my crew!
It didn't take long for M to be soaked and loving every moment of it. 
T is much more thoughtful in her approach and searched diligently for beautiful seashell treasures. 
M trying to skip rocks like his daddy :)

My giant baby B hanging out with Mom and Dad! I had to pack up all of his 9 month clothes today and move him into 12-18 month gear...He's only 4 months old, folks! Such a big, cute, and squishy baby. There is something so healing about snuggling a tiny one. I didn't always feel that way, though. Lol! I definitely went through a time were I wasn't sure that I even liked kids. :) However, God has a way of softening and transforming hearts, right?! My desire to have children slowly grew and we set sail on uncharted waters that lead us through grief of loss and unimaginable joys of gain. 

You would never guess by looking at these pictures that I was presently having a pity party, Stephen and I weren't communicating well, and within a few hours...I'd be calling him on the phone and start by saying, "The last thing I want to do right now is talk to you because I'm mad and so frustrated...but I know that we need to work through this miscommunication. So, I apologize for being, impatient, irritable and discouraging..." We then talked through some heavy stuff to the background noise of a crying baby and two tired toddlers. God healed our hearts and brought us closer together in the end. I say all of this to say that life isn't always as it seems...and it doesn't always go the way I'd like it too! ;) But God showed through a devotional I read (while I was still annoyed:) that I have the opportunity to show my kids how to respond to life when my plans are derailed. I can act THEIR age and throw a passive-aggressive-silent-but-deadly fit, or I can have a radical change of perspective. I can choose to see the change of events as divine interruptions. To remember that God directs my steps and is making His sovreign adjustments to my day. Pretty crazy to think about God being interested enough in my ordinary life to make any changes at all. Kinda makes me feel worth it all to Him❤️ He's so good and gracious. I want to get to that point where I eagerly anticipate the excitement God is going to orchestrate into my day. I welcome anyone who wants to remind me of this truth when I have forgotten tomorrow would be good! ;) 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Growing Pains ❤️

Our friend Amy took this picture for us two months ago. I just love seeing these little faces...and that guy is definitely a Stud on the inside and out❤️

Tierzah Bug is 4 1/2 yrs old now. Most days I don't slow down enough to squeeze her, look in her eyes, and just "be" with her. On those special days when I remember what is most important, I get to hear her tell the best stories, watch her be a ballerina, pretend to be a Girl Scout (she can't wait!), listen to her dreams of being a mama herself...and an austronaut that also saves the animals ;), answer her questions that actually require decent thought lol, snuggle her and hold her hand, teach her homeschool, and get schooled by her growing mind! I love her passionate heart...sometimes the dramatics drive me crazy...but they are all apart of what makes her so unique. I truly believe she could do anything she put her heart and soul into. Tierzah means, "she is my delight," and this girl brings us so much joy! I owe all my grey hairs and crows feet to this princess astronaut❤️
"Micah Thomas!" My 2 1/2 yr old has given me a run for my money! Lord Jesus, help me. Lol That's my prayer throughout every single day. Look at that face, though! Most people call him a "little surfer dude" with his tan skin, blue eyes, and sun bleached hair. It's hard to stay mad at him but I have more sympathy for my mom-in-law as I am sure Stephen was the same way! Micah also loves to ride his bike for hours, watch airplanes fly overhead, and pretend he is Dusty. He gets new words everyday which has cut down on the screaming...but boy, can this kid throw a fit like none I have ever seen. When I hear his feet hit the floor, I literally start begging God for His patience, love, gentleness, etc... :) Micah has been used by God to bring to the surface some deep rooted anger issues in me. I know, it's hard to imagine me getting angry (haha!). ;) But I'm thankful for it as I know it is refining me and showing me that I act out just like a 2 yr old sometimes as well. Micah, love you boy! Your aggression, persistence, stubbornness, and addiction to danger will all be used for good one day. :) I can't wait to see you live for Jesus and be a bold testimony of his Grace. 
Beniah the Brave! He's 4 months old and just weighed in at nearly 18lbs! My chunky boy eats every 2-3hrs and is already trying to grab my food from me. Lol He is adored by his big siblings and loves having their faces in his all day. Beniah is such a great baby! He makes me want to have many more little ones. ;) Yes, I have already forgotten what the vomiting for 6 months, back pain, and labor pain feels like. Lol Little B has started squawking at people and his smiles melt my frustration away. God has been so very gracious to us! 
In other news, we got orders to Okinawa Japan for August of next year! With this news we decided to start trying to sell our home. The day we called base housing to see if any homes were available, they said that a house just opened up! So we moved the following week and have been getting settled in over the past month. It's been a whirlwind! We couldn't have been blessed to better neighbors and being able to walk to the harbor and beach is not too bad either. ;) Please pray for our house to sell asap! We will be downsizing over the next year and preparing to live overseas. I'm not sure we have really processed everything yet, but I know that in the middle of God's will is the safest place to be so "here...there...or in the air", I hope we get to see some of your faces before we move again! 

Well, Stephen is at home putting kids to bed while I write at a coffee shop so I think I'll stop for now and write more soon. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beniah the Brave

Beniah James Griffin entered our lives on May 25th 2015 at 11am. I had been contracting irregularly the day before (Sunday) at Chapel while my husband was giving an illustration of Beniah in the Bible who was a lean, mean, fighting machine. :) He killed a a the snow. What?! That's gladiator stuff right there. Lol He was also a loyal warrior who feared God and served His anointed kings. Beniah (pronounced Ben-ī -ah) means: built by God. It also ends in an "ah" sound like our other two children. ;) It still is insane to think God formed three gorgeous souls in my womb to give as gifts to Stephen and I. We have three other little lambs that are already in Heaven dancing and singing with many other cousins and children. I can't wait to see them all! Stephen and I were so in love with Little B the moment we saw him. We were told by one Doc that he would be 6lbs because I was measuring small. But Beniah-the-Brave came 6 days early at a whopping 8.5lbs! We had a great experience at the Naval Hospital and I don't know if I was just starving but the hospital food was even good! Lol Did anyone else who has multiple children feel like it was a mini vacation getting to stay over night at the hospital? Lay in this bed all day? problem! ;) Thank you Mom and Kayla for watching our older kiddos!! It's was so reassuring knowing they were in good hands. A huge thank you to all the friends who brought us meals and made our lives easier! Praise God for no complications and good health all around...I do not take that for granted. Thank you for the many prayers for us (please don't stop!)

We are asked a lot how we are adjusting and I feel like God is giving us grace as we humble ourselves and submit to His promptings by: choosing to praise Him for the tiny people who think 4:30am is the new awake time, being gracious in our words when we are both beyond tired after long days (and nights...and weeks!), asking for forgiveness when I don't have self control and get angry at my 2yr old, praying and asking for God's strength, energy, love, and wisdom throughout the day, and choosing to see the bigger picture of our limited time with these amazing children when all I really want to do some moments is escape in one way or another. I'm praying for God to help me give grace to myself as I constantly screw up and grace to others as they are just human as well. I desire to be a light to the world around me of the Good News...starting with my kids. I know that is not done just by knowing all the right verses but by living out those truths in my everyday life. "The world will know you are my disciples by your love for one another." Love is: "patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NLT)" That does not describe me :) but it is the goal!

Ok, one true story before I quit. All three kids decided that they were going to wake up just after 5:00am and boycott naptime, so by 3:30pm all three children were crying out of exhaustion. I thought I was going to loose my mind. I may or may not have started crying as well. Lol ;) Out of desperation, I loaded the kids in the car and just decided to drive around until it was time to cook dinner. I was driving for maybe 5 mins when all three weans were sound asleep! So what did I do? I took a lesson out of my older sisters books and went to get an iced coffee! I sat in my blessed air conditioned car, sipped my caffeine, and listened to the silence. :) The result? A recharged mama and rested babies.

Beniah is now six weeks old! He just got to spend a week with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Karl, and Aunt Dee! Thank you for coming to visit us!

*photo credit goes to Linda and artwork is by Tierzah ❤️

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Getting to Know...Me

Have you ever said internally or verbally to someone, "you don't even know me!" Well, I would wager that we might not even know ourselves as well as we think we do. :) I like to imagine that I am a kindhearted, fun, loving, humble, tender, and warm person most of the time. Lol! When in reality, I just described my husband, Stephen, instead. 

He and I just went to a Credo Marriage Retreat which was wonderful. The military provides an all-expense-paid weekend for spouses of active duty service members to attend training on key points in having a successful marriage. The awesome part is that Chaplain's are billeted to facilitate these trainings and are able to combine the spiritual aspect along with the normal material you would receive on this topic.

One of the focuses of our training was to take the Myers-Brigg personality test. We have done this several times before and already knew what our results would be; however, I still felt discouraged while checking off my answers to each question. "Man, I am not a very soft person," I thought to myself. "I don't like doing these tests...the truth stings." I put my pen down sadly and looked over at my adorable husband who was smiling and feeling liberated while checking off all his answers without hesitation. Ugh, the results were in and as expected it was an ISTJ for me and ENFP for my honey. Celebrities with my personality are: George Washington, Eisenhower, and a Roman Emperor. Meanwhile, my dashing husband's celebrity matches are: Walt Disney, Robin Williams...and Snoopy! :) The title of this part of the training was, "Not Wrong, Just Different," and we clearly could not be any more opposite from each other. 

For instance, when we first got married, I could plan an entire weekend of chores and "to do's" to accomplish. Each task was complete with a little box just waiting for the glorious moment of being checked off! I'm actually getting super excited right now just thinking of checking off a task. Lol! Nerd alert. To my ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) self, this would be an ideal and "obviously" most logical and responsible way to spend our time. Meanwhile, my ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) husband, was spiraling into a depressed state just looking at ALL my boxes that needed to be checked...and to think that not one of them was going to be FUN! I could see the joy deflate as he gently tried to explain the need for some recreation on at least one of our days off. :) At the time, I was even younger and even less bright than I am now, and pridefully/stubbornly thought that I was right most of the time and refused to humble myself to see how neither of us were wrong...we were just reeeeeealllly different. God is pretty stinkin awesome, though! After 8 short years ;), He has been transforming, humbling, and guiding me into a new person. Thank God that He doesn't leave us they way he finds us! I don't like humbling myself but I'm just barely learning that when God is working out a kink in my life, the process is WAY easier when I stop fighting and just allow Him to chisel away. 

That just reminded me of my wild son, Micah, and how he hates getting clean. Almost daily he dumps full buckets of dirt on his head and looks at me with a brown face, big mischievous blue eyes, and grins with shiny white teeth. I probably wouldn't care as much if I wasn't 9 months prego and bending over to give baths is a work out these days. Lol Anyway, he kicks and thrashes when I wipe his face or hands that sometimes I have to hold him tightly to get him clean. I imagine that's what I'm like sometimes when God is trying to "create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me." I have to learn to trust that He is for me and sanctification is a lifelong process. So while I am naturally a more Introverted, Factual/Sensing, Thinking/Logical, and Judging/Planning person, that does NOT give me a license to say "that's just the way I am, I've always been this way, or Sorry...not sorry cause I'm just gunna do me!" Lol The Chaplain encouraged us to know and work on the areas that we are weaker in, and to view others as uniquely different than ourselves...we are not superior to one another (shocker, I know) ;). This reminder really helped me to value Stephen's (and other's) differences and to allow him to teach me through his life how to work on the strengths he possesses naturally. I remember our pre-marital counselors telling us that we will be learning in our relationship for the rest of our lives. That's encouraging to know that we have hopefully 45+ years of time to be perfected. ;)

I've been writing about my marriage relationship but the most important is our relationship with God. If you haven't ever heard that Jesus did what no one else could do by laying down his sinless life to be crucified for our sins and wrong choices...than you have no idea what you are missing out on. There's no greater love than that of Jesus' for you. He formed us in our mother's womb, he designed us perfectly, and knows us better than we know yourselves. He willing paid the price for our sins, laid down his life on the cross, was buried, God raised Him from the dead, and Jesus now sits at the right hand of God in Heaven where he makes intercessions for us. Even now he fiercely pursues us out of his great love and desire that "no one should perish, no not one." The Bible says in Romans to confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and you will be saved/rescued. The decision to make Jesus the leader of your life is in your hands. Eternal life is a free gift that is yours for the taking...just reach out to Him, the One who paid for it. ❤️

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


We're working on 9 weeks and 3 days until Griffin Baby #3 arrives! I can't believe he's coming so soon. I know I am beginning to feel more pregnant but our two other munchkins keep me wonderfully distracted. Stephen was giving me a hug a couple weeks ago and got a little frightened by my belly being so big. In that split second he started getting a little concerned about my health and thought of ways to encourage me to maybe go for a run. Then he remembered I was 7 months pregnant! :D lol! He didn't want to tell me about his momentary brain fart in case I got mad at him, but it was too funny not to share with me. He always knows how to make me laugh...even when I'm trying to be mad. ;) 
Micah, our 2 yr old, might have inherited this cuteness trait from his dear ole dad too. Tierzah and Micah are starting to share a room to make way for the newest sibling, and needless to say, they are having an adventure exploring new boundaries. I was putting Micah Machine back in his bed (again) and told him to lay down. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes, folded his hands, and said in two-year-old-language, "Dear Jesus, *and then continued with something I couldn't understand but had lots of expression and finished with a smile and a hearty*, Aaaa-men!" :) Getting to hear him talk to Jesus totally made my night. He went on to do his best at quoting Romans 10:9 complete with hand motions, "Believe in your heart (boom boom boom boom) that God raised Jesus from the dead (woo Hoo!!).

 Isn't this what it's all about? No, I'm not "super awesome Christian mom" who as it all together. You can probably hear me down the street yelling out my kitchen window up to my explorers, "no hitting!" "Don't push your brother down the hill!" "Share the toys!" "1,2,3...4,5...." "Please put your clothes back on!" "The potty is inside the house." But God has given me a great desire to teach the gospel of grace to my kids and see them grow to love God with all of their hearts. It's so awesome to see God using our imperfect/lame efforts, and watching His Spirit plant seeds within them. 

Some mama friends and I were reading (i'm now reading it for the 2nd time because it's so good) a free ebook called, Mom Enough: You can download it or open it in the Kindle app. I love all the different perspectives you get from uniting so many authors into one book. This morning I had my kids in child watch at the YMCA while I waddled on the treadmill and highlighted this excerpt:

"Live the gospel in the things that no one sees. Sacrifice for your children in places that only they will know. Put their value ahead of yours. Grow them up in the clean air of gospel living. Your testimony to the gospel in the little details of your life is more valuable to them than you can imagine. If you tell them the gospel, but live to yourself, they will never believe it. Give your life for theirs every day, joyfully. Lay down pettiness. Lay down fussiness. Lay down resentment about the dishes, about the laundry, about how no one knows how hard you work. Stop clinging to yourself and cling to the cross. There is more joy and more life and more laughter on the other side of death than you can possibly carry alone." 

This cut me to the core because I'm totally guilty of self preservation and wanting to feel sorry for myself. What a depressing way to live, right?! The One who I say I love and believe in came "not to be served but to SERVE and to GIVE his life as a ransom for many." Paul urges us to have the attitude of Christ and what better opportunity :) to serve and give than in Motherhood? It's a humbling experience and I am still just beginning to taste the vast ways I will get to lay down my life as a living sacrifice. Believe it or not, I didn't want to have kids after we got married. I thought "my life would be over" "we'd be tied down" "I would be the one taking care of them 80% of the time" and "I want to travel and explore." Then God began to soften me to what he had put in my heart to do years earlier before control crept be a mama with lots of kids running around. It didn't happen right away as my previous blogs state. We had 2 miscarriages in the span of 3 years of trying before God granted us with Tierzah. You better believe my attitude was far different from the self centered Julie who "didn't want kids" when we lost and buried two little angels. God has been renewing my heart over the years by using His Word and so many people to shine Truth into my life when I need it. I have days when I'm discouraged, embarrassed at what just came out of my mouth, and hanging on to the words that more seasoned mamas are encouraging me with. But the above excerpt is my prayer today, that God would help me to RELINQUISH (my word for this year) the desire to control and to hold on to my life. I want to rest in the freedom that comes from being full of faith/trust in God's sovereignty and perfection that covers me. I didn't plan to write any of this but it's just what came out as I sat down and started typing. I know that I needed to hear it and hopefully one day my kids will read it and see how faithful and gracious God is to those who seek to rely on Him. 
Winter in SoCalifornia. We saw a super smart family whip out a big plastic box that they filled with clean water to give their kid a bath in before loading him into the car! So on our next trip to the beach, we thought we were super smart and tried doing that with our kids. Yaaaa, you are supposed to warm water...or else your kids may start screaming and on lookers might suspect abuse. However, it did cut down tremendously on sand in the car, car seats, cracks, and crevices. :)

In the past few months, Tierzah has turned 4yrs old, Micah has turned 2 yrs, and I have turned even older. ;) 
One the highlights from my birthday, besides spending time with my "cute little family" as Tierzah refers to us, was getting surprised with love from the Chapel ladies group. I truly don't deserve a life so richly blessed! God is very gracious and kind. This is where God has planted us for at least 16 more months and though we get weary, we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Here's some Chapel/Life pics:
 Protestant Services at 6:30am and 10:00am! We'll have an amazing (free!) Easter lunch together following the 10:00am services as well. Come join us!
Chapel Fun Times (CFT) :)
Adorable families dedicating their babies to God and sweet elderly chapel members praying over them. 
I found this cute Chaplain studying for Sunday sermon at Starbucks. ;) I tried whistling at him but he had headphones in. Lol!

Ladies Group: these woman encourage me SO much and hold me accountable! I feel honored to have bold loving sisters in Christ. 
Worship Practice
"Faster Gamma!!" ;) They love getting pulled in this wagon a friend gave us. 
I love watching them learn to play together. The happy giggle sounds are my favorite. 
Getting to see my bro-and-sis-in-law in our neck of the woods was a sweet shot in the arm. Thanks for driving down to see us! We miss all our siblings on the east coast so this was a special treat. 

I'll end this post with pics of our trip to Yosemite. It's become on of our favorite family getaways. There's no distractions except for God's creation captivating you at every turn. Stephen went on a 19 mile hike to the top of Half Dome and loved the thrill of almost dying. (Ahhh!) He plans to go back soon with a group of motivated fellas because he enjoyed it so much. We didn't see any bears this time (thank God) but we are looking forward to our next visit. Hopefully, by then we will be a family of 5! ❤️ 

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Are Having A...

The results are in! We are having a BOY! Stephen said that from looking at the ultrasound screen it was OBVIOUSLY a boy. ;) lol Tierzah really wanted a sister but for now she will have to be content being mommy and daddy's only favorite princess ballerina.

She was so excited to be in this picture announcement. We just got home from her Ballet/Tap dance class.

Micah isn't too concerned by what is happening. Lol He's content eating dirt, playing with his cars, and chasing bugs. Little does he know that a partner in crime is being made just for him. ;)

This is what happens when we try to do pinterest inspired photo sessions. We nail it. Haha! Just kidding. Never mind the child crying with his pants falling off in the background. :) I love them.

We couldn't have asked for a cooler Anniversary gift today! We have been married for 8 short years and owe everything to the grace God has granted us. Honestly, I'm not just saying that because it's a nice Christian thing to say. ;) We have been on some incredible mountain tops, through some really dark valleys, and God has carried us through it all. I'm thankful for the encouragement that we have receive from His Word, from family and friends, for the godly counsel from those who invested in us, and wise teaching we have been blessed to hear throughout the years.

The picture above was taken this past weekend when my Mum watched our kids so we could escape to San Fransisco! It was a memorable trip and such a fantastic gift. ❤️ Stephen, I love being your wife, friend, lover, and partner in sharing the Good News. You are my hero. Thank you for being my #2 as we strive to seek the only #1 together.

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