Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Siblings

I just came across this picture of me and my sisters and it made me laugh. We were just a tad bit younger here! I love how comfortable we look, maybe not comfortably seated on that tiny swing, but our hearts seem to be at peace and rest in a moment of closeness that only siblings share...at least every once in a while. :) I love and miss my brother and sisters (and ALL of our family that has been added by love) very much today! To Tell-Who-Never-Tells, CiCi, and Jared-McFarred, I am so very thankful for each of you and the inspiration you are to me, JuneBug/Bunyan-Head/JuBu (take your pic). ;) You all are so very gifted and are not afraid to do what has been put on your hearts to do. I know we don't get to talk as much as we would all like now that we are grown ups with children running-a-muck, but I just wanted to publicly praise you and thank you for loving me even as an annoying "baby sister", for being there whenever I need to talk, and for not selling me to the gypsies. :)

Almost 1 year as gone by since we moved back to the west coast and so much has happened with my siblings since then:

Last fall, my brother celebrated his 29th Birthday (last year in the 20's bro!), his 1st Anniversary to my lovely sis-in-love, Rachel, and in the picture above...Rachel is pregnant with their first baby at Jared's Ordination. Stephen was honored to be one of the pastors who got to pray over them at this service. It was a privilege to support them and we hope to continue to do so along their journey!

In October, Miss Chloe Jean Bowling arrived!

Pretty mama and baby came for a visit!

This year, Jared and Rachel said "Yes" to a call to lead the Altoona Rescue Mission in Altoona, Pa. I was very sad to see them leave! I know that they were designed for this work, though. They sold almost everything they owned, packed up their car by faith, and journeyed through the snow from sunny California to freezing Pennsylvania. I love getting to hear their stories about how God has been working and all the many ways He has been faithfully taking care of them. Jared preaches at many churches to share the vision of the Rescue Mission while Rachel works with several women to creatively raise support (talking with businesses, planning car washes, and bake sales). Their goal is to have the Rescue Mission fully operational by this summer. Please keep them and this organization in prayer!

My beautiful sister, Serena (CiCi), when she was pregnant last fall with her second baby girl, Taydem! Not only was she weeks away from having a baby, but she was also working a full time job, completing assignments to stay on top of her full time school work, and helping to rent out one of their homes while purchasing and moving into a new home. Serena has never been afraid of working hard for those she loves!
Her patience, dedication, and heart of faith has been blessed greatly.

The Vires~December 2013

I got to travel to Indiana with Micah and Tierzah to go visit the Vires in November last year. It was a gift to see them and see our kids play together!

Mum was there meeting her youngest grandbaby too! I know she misses all the family now living on the east coast so very much!

Paisley was a fantastic older cousin and future race car driver! Indy 500...here she comes!

Congratulations to Serena who finished her Paralegal Degree! God also just provided her with a perfect job in her field and I know she will give 110% to it...as she does every area of her life! A true inspiration...keep leaning on Him and there is no place He can't take you❤

I love this picture! God is so good. Wee Paisley also graduated from Preschool recently! Hee hee...Taydem wanted to help hold the diploma. ;)

Please lift up the Vires in prayer that God would continue to favor them!

Lastly ("cause the first shall be last" ;) but never least, my eldest eldest sister, Shantell. She is quite a woman. I'm sure all of her four beautiful children will rise up and call her "blessed!" John and Shantell moved from Tennessee to North Carolina last year where God provided a job that John loves and is being blessed at. Shantell home schools Sara, Juliana, Jasmine, and Johnny. If that doesn't keep her busy enough, she also loves teaching kids piano lessons.

She took a group of her students to Masters Club Regionals where her students competed and performed fabulously. I love her heart to see others succeed and do their best! I miss her laugh and all these beautiful faces below!

Honestly, what a gorgeous family and most gracious blessing from God! All of the kids are doing well in their Tae-Kwon-Do classes, and testing above their grade levels. If you want to keep in touch with their happenings, pop over to my sister's blog: http://bissettebrew.blogspot.com/2013/03/oh-lord-my-god-when-i-in-awesome-wonder.html?m=1

Please pray for them as well, that God would continue to rest His favor in each of their lives!

**Awe*sniff sniff, I love you crazies! I know, I know, I may have left out the hardships you all have weathered individually, the battles, the sleepless nights, and the moments where we wanted to disown one another ;) but you are some of the dearest people to my heart--always! I thank God that each of you are followers of Christ and one day we will be able harass each other constantly again "when we all get to Heaven!"

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  1. I also have siblings in fact 8 to count it all. We are like very noisy, crowded, fight here and there before. But now, all those crazy things we do are happy memories to consider. It always a blessing having siblings you grow with.

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  2. 8! That's such a blessing! :) Siblings know the best and worst of us...wouldn't trade them for the world.