Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Videos :)

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!

Tierzah is one of my most precious gifts. she is very thoughtful, loves to have fun, and is becoming my little helper in the kitchen. I love when she sees me baking and says, " I have a new idea! I'll be riiiiight back!" Then runs to find her stool, slams it on the floor next to me, jumps up, and shouts, "Can I heeeelp?!" "Can I stir it?!" "Can I taste it on my tongue?!" :-) lol.

My little Micah Man, Bubby, Bubba, Ecz-Man is such a ham. His big blue eyes and ginormous smile melt my heart (his daddy taught him everything he knows!) Here's a video of my two favorite boys. We were celebrating Thanksgiving with our Griffin family in MD at the time. :)

These pictures were from our Candle lighting service on Christmas Eve at the Marine Memorial Chapel.

Here are my angles staying up past bed time to reorganize our tree. :)

In her Christmas PJs and pink princess Santa hat. Love her!

Thank you, Jesus, for the sweet gift of friendship with You, hope of eternity in Heaven, peace as I enjoy my time on earth, and love that I get to experience through the precious family you've given to me living all over the world. I love you all!

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