Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Bedtime was my favorite. I still remember not being able to go to sleep as a little girl until my dad tucked my covers around me real tight. He told the best, most animated, bedtime stories but what I remember the most was the way I felt as he knelt at the edge of my bed, put his big hand on my little head, and prayed over me almost every night. I felt so safe, secure, and protected knowing my dad was next to me. Thank you, dad, for taking the time after a long day of work to make sure I felt loved by you.

This picture is of my dad and siblings when we were on an apple picking trip in Julian, Ca. Ever since we were young, my family would take car rides all over San Diego. I remember getting ice cream and going to go watch the sunset by the ocean, or walking around various Marinas while my dad talked about his favorite boats. Who would have thought that I'd marry a guy who loves to do the exact same outings with our kids. :) Thank you, dad, for good memories to look back on!

I remember fondly...New Year's Day breakfast omelettes you'd make, our daddy-daughter dates, how you'd always tease us with "wet willy's", hide-in-go-seek games on base housing, the tree house you built for us, the boys you scared away from your daughters, the first time you showed me how to hold a gun, watching you draw and paint masterpieces, listening to you sing, and the way you knew how to make everyone smile and laugh.

I love you, dad! You are far from perfect ( lol me too!) But I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Thank you for your sacrifice and love!

Here's some more pics of the awesome fathers in our family:

My father in law, Bruce Griffin, is truly one of a kind. I love how dedicated he is to his family. He takes his role as a spiritual leader very seriously and seeks to disciple his children, sons and daughter in law, and grandchildren whenever the opportunities arise. Stephen has had such a great role model in his dad and knows if he needs sound advice...he can ask Bruce. Thank you for challenging us and encouraging us "to love and good works!" You are a wonderful dad and grandfather. I'm so blessed to be apart of your family!

We took this picture today at church. Look at that awesome dad and his two wee ones. :) He loves those babies so much and would rather be with them than off by myself most days. Stephen Thomas, I am grateful for the fabulous daddy you strive to be for our family. Our kids have so much fun with you and the party officially begins whenever we hear your motorcycle pull up the drive way. :) Thank you for jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to put a baby back to sleep, for coaching my breathing and cutting the cord as they first entered this world, for teaching them to be brave...even though it sometimes gives me a heart attack, for being the best team mate I could ask for on this journey of parenting. I know we don't always have a clue what we are doing but thank you for being humble enough to seek God for help when it is needed. I love the way Tierzah adores you and how big Micah smiles when he hears your voice! You are our hero!!

Last night, Stephen rescued Micah and this was the sleepy smile he gave his dad. Little stinker. ;)

This weekend we went to Busch Gardens and Tierzah road on her first roller coaster! She wasn't scared at all and kept saying, "higher, higher!" I'm sure having her daddy next to her made her feel safe.

I love you, Stephen! ~Your Baby Mama ;)

Here is my papa, Thomas Miller, at my wedding. He and my uncles live in Scotland so I haven't had as much opportunity to be around them physically. However, I know they are great fathers and and would do anything for their kids. I love you uncle, Thomas II and Joe! Tommy, your positive outlook on life is contagious and, Joe, one day I will make a steak pie as good as yours. ;) I look forward to my children getting to meet you all soon!!

Here's my dad again with my one, and only, brother, Jared! Jared is a soon-to-be daddy this October. I'm so proud of you, bro! I know you are going to be such a loving and fun dad. I can't wait to see how God continues to bless you and Rachel. Love you both!

My brothers-in-law! They are all incredible fathers and their love for their family is proved by how hard they work for them. Honestly, as I take time to thinking about all of these men I have mentioned so far...I am SO encouraged that there is a never ending list of wonderful things I could say about each of them!

Happy Fathers Day!! Speaking on behalf of all the mamas and kids out there...whether we like to admit it or not, we need great fathers like you and thank God for his provision of you in our lives!

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  1. Whew Julie! Really a nice collection of photos, and quips. Nice to see Your Dad came through for all of you... Take Care, and greets with Love to all..


  2. Thank you! Do you think you'll ever make it this way again, we'd love to see you! :)

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