Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!

She stood over a hot stove making Yakisoba for her Marine and three small children when the labor pains began. Two hours later, this brave Scottish lass gave birth to her fourth baby (5th...including the precious one she delivered after he/she had already gone on to Heaven, too beautiful for earth.) Jacqueline had just come from her first foreign country, USA, to be stationed in yet another, Japan. There wasn't another woman as naturally, stunningly, beautiful as she. The red, waist-length hair, perfectly freckled face, big blue eyes, and thick Scottish brogue, made her stand out whether she liked it or not.

As I sit writing (texting with one hand while I nurse Micah lol), I can't help but imagine my very own mommy giving of herself for me and my three siblings once upon a time. I never truly understood the love, worry, fears, dreams, sacrifice, and joy she was giving hourly until I was blessed with a baby of my own. A mother's love truly is unexplainable! Thank you mom for being: adventurous, brave, for boldly loving us, sacrificing your dreams to help us reach ours, the tears you wept in prayer for us, for drying our eyes when we broke our skin, bones, pride, and hearts, for telling us so often that we were unique and beautiful just the way we were that we actually believed it ;), for teaching me the joy of taking care of a family, for making the most of every circumstance you were in, for creatively pouring the importance of values and faith in God into us, for fighting thyroid cancer and using your years since to give to others, and for all the memories I hold on to dearly!

All your children are grown now (and are taller than you ;) lol), but we still look up to our mommy! When we hit difficult bumps on our separate journeys, you are still the first one we want to call. To know that the powerful prayers of mum are blasting up to Heaven's door on our behalf, is so comforting. You are the bravest, strongest, and most compassionate woman I know. Thank you for speaking the truth to us when we need it. I know you are not perfect...but you're pretty close to it. ;) I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day and many many more.

I also want to give praise to my mother-in-law, Linda! She raised five outstanding children and fought in prayer on their behalf. Now I am blessed to be remembered in her supplications.
This woman is remarkable and I am certain that she could do absolutely anything she put her mind to. Stephen is an incredible man with integrity and character, a loving husband, a fun and courageous father, and a hard worker in whatever he is given to do. I believe he is all these thing and more because of the constant guidance and instruction that was poured into him by a very wise mom. :) Thank you, Linda, for quickly adopting me into the family and making me "your favorite daughter-in-law." I am so thankful that God blessed me with the world's greatest MIL! I love getting to glean from your wisdom and years of experience. We love you, Ma! :)

And to my sisters, sisters-in-law, girlfriends, adopted mothers, gran, grandmas, aunties, mentor moms, and those who have invested in my growth as a young mom...THANK YOU! :) Thank you for being real, transparent, and genuine. This being a mom business is tough stuff and sometimes it's SO encouraging to know that someone else's kids have rolled off the changing table (twice), eaten PB&J's for the past 3 meals, watched a movie so that you can have a moment to finish a project, and have made artwork out of their poop (true story!) Thank you moms for lifting me up at just the right moment. I love you all!!

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