Saturday, May 4, 2013

5K By The Bay Day

This morning I had the privilege of joining some motivated PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) women in Newport News for a 5K. A fellow Chaps spouse, Reta, planned this event and sent out an email inviting a host of us to run for the Riverside Rehabilitation Institute. When I saw the email, I thought to myself, "That looks like fun, but Stephen is gone for the weekend so I'll have the kiddos to push in the double jogging stroller (which is a workout that I'm not proficient in yet! Lol) ." I almost registered but then decided to close out of that web browser for some reason.

Well, the next morning at our meeting, I was talking to a friend who mentioned that she had already registered but wouldn't be able to make the race and was looking for someone to run in her place. :) I thought that was conformation that God had provided and would therefore give me the ability to "run and not grow weary."

Here's some pictures that I took and some that I stole from my friend, Reta (thanks!)

We got up at 0600 to get ready to head up to Newport News. It started raining on our way up but thankfully it stopped when we got there...mostly. Tierzah had a movie to watch and a million snacks to keep her tummy happy.
Both kids did really well!

The beginning of our race...

Awesome PWOC military spouses! Krysty and her little ones, Kelly, Deb, and Reta!

Sandy and her hubby cheered us on! Notice their wind blown was soooo coooold and windy.

I have a big smile because the coolest thing had just happened...I could see the Finish Line and was fighting with all I had left to run as fast as I could against the wind and mist. Then out of nowhere, a teenaged boy gestured to me that he would push my stroller and run alongside me so that I could run faster to the finish line! He literally carried my load at my toughest moment so that I could make it to the end in one piece. ;) It made me think about how life is a lot like that. We're all running our individual races but we need one another. We need community, friends to share life with, and we also need to have our eyes and heart open to see other people who just might be at their wits end and may need us to "run a mile" carrying their load for them. I can not even count the number of times God has blessed me through family, loved ones, and strangers who have become wonderful friends! "Thank you!" to the boy who helped me today, and every single one of you who has taken a moment to encourage or lift me up.

This is a perfect picture of what I'm talking about. The man in yellow was pulling the gentleman behind him. I could see that the man in white was obviously in the process of rehabilitation and struggling to keep up, but his friend didn't slow down or quit helping him to press forward. I'm thankful that God is faithful to pull me through tough circumstances and even days were I just feel spiritually, emotionally, or physically in need of restoration.

Anyway! My time was 37 mins which is definitely not my personal best but considering I had never run that distance pushing 80+ lbs...I'd say it was a fabulous run. ;)

Later today, both kids decided they didn't want to take naps (ahh!) so I loaded them up and we walked around base, flew a princess kite, and I inhaled 1k+ calories at McDonalds for dinner. Don't you love how they put the calories in plain sight on the menu now? ;)

I always have more to write but we'll save that for another time. I will ask for prayer, though. It's absolutely insane to realize that we only have 7 weeks left in VA before the movers come to pack up our home and move us to CA. Please pray for us as there are so many details involved in this process.

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  1. This is the first time I have seen your blog and it's wonderful. What an encouragement and thanks for the application. What an awesome young man to come along side and push your stroller like that!

  2. Thanks Hannah! Btw, we are relocating to CA so the next time you are visiting Wildomar, we should meet up!