Monday, January 21, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 30th 2012, we welcomed Micah Thomas Griffin into our family. Just like his big sister, he came one day later than expected. Thankfully, labor for him was only 1/2 the time that it was for her. "Praise Jesus!"...that's what I yelled to the nurse when after 2 hours of walking the halls of the hospital she said that I was finally far enough along to be admitted. :) Six hours later, we were holding our precious baby boy. He was 7.11lbs and 21 inches born at 4:01pm.

Grandma and Grandpa Griffin came and loved on Tierzah while we were in the hospital. She wasn't excited about sharing her mommy and daddy at first but has been learning how to be a great big sister and helper. ;) When Micah gets fussy she offers to give him her blanket or stuffed animal. Lol

This was Micah dressed and ready to go home. I forgot how tiny they start out!

I love catching his smiles after he eats. :) This face makes me forget that I do not sleep longer than two hours at a time. We are still in awe that God gave us such a sweet little boy.

True story. After I had been admitted to the room I was going to deliver in, Stephen noticed the huge flat screen TV (not the one shown above) and graciously waited until after I had gotten an epidural to turn it on and check when the Redskins were going to be playing that day. :) But the Skins heard that we were going to be having a baby so they waited until 8:30pm to start their game AND beat the Cowboys just for us. Lol ;) Once we got to the recovery room, Stephen was so excited to watch the game for the 1st time with his brand new man child.

January 13th was our 6th anniversary! We had our Leveling family visiting and they watched Tpot so that we could go get some sushi. :) I was really happy to have some raw fish again. Yum! Thanks again Deborah and Justin!

My stud and I went out for a day date on Dec 29th (Micah's actual due date). I was bummed that no real contractions had started so it was nice to forget about it for a second and just have a fun time with Stephen. He always knows how to make me smile...even when I'm trying to be mad at him. ;) I love you, babe!

This was us in the hospital. I don't remember if it was in the middle of the day or night (it's all the same to me right now). :) I love this moment because it reminds me that no matter what we go through or how many kids fill our quiver...before it all came to be it started out with just us. I don't want to forget to cultivate our relationship in the midst of everything else.

I'm really thankful to be stuck with him! Thank you, Stephen, for loving me enough to challenge me. You are an incredible husband, leader, and daddy. I admire and thank God daily for you.

Stephen has been so patient with me and has been a Champ helping to take care of the kids. For those of you who pray for us, please keep our adjustment to this new normal and our health in mind. Tierzah has had the bug going around and now Stephen, Micah, and I seem to be coming down with something as well. :( It makes me sad seeing the babies not feeling well.

Lastly, on January 22nd, 2011, our Tierzah Analyse was born! She is 2 yrs old today!! We feel like each day had been a gift. She is growing up too quickly but I love seeing her learn and develop into her unique personality. She enjoys organizing her toys, coloring, playing games on our phones (kids these days ;), dancing, singing songs like a diva, reading her books, and just being around mommy and daddy.

This was before I left for the hospital to deliver Micah. I really missed that cute face while we were gone.

Tpot with her cousins. Aunt Deborah made them super hero shirts and capes! Her big cousins had to teach her how to run around like a real super hero. ;) They were so cute.

She may look like her mama but she is definitely her daddy's daughter. This morning as Stephen was leaving for work she said, "Bye Dad! I'll see you ya-ter! Happy Birthday!" Lol I love my sanguines!

Big sister giving baby brother a kiss. :) I foresee her being a protective and maybe a little bossy- choleric eldest sibling. ;) I can't wait to see the strong, beautiful, leader she will grow to be. We pray that she will use all her talents, gifts, and even weaknesses to bring God glory.

Quick story. I have been sloooowly adjusting to Stephen being back at work and...well...some days are better than others. One day in particular was especially rough with lack of sleep, every 2-3 hr feedings around the clock, diaper changes for both kiddos, Dora and Dinosaur Train songs on repeat in my head :), toys all over, and I smelled like spit up and pee all by lunch time. In the midst of my frazzled state, Tierzah looks at me and says, "Pray!" Lol She wanted me to pray for her meal but it was like God was speaking through her cute little face. I definitely needed to take a second to just breath a prayer for the right perspective.

Thank you God for this humbling, exciting, and rewarding journey. Here's to the next six years of wedded bliss and six more We'll have to pray about that last bit.

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  1. Love all the pictures and updates! You guys are doing a great job adjusting and handling it all! Just remember that its "Baby Boot Camp" so its going to be a little rough. You've got two beautiful children and an amazing strong faith in God. SO thankful to call you guys our friends and wish we were closer again! Miss you!