Sunday, July 29, 2012

The New Place

As I mentioned in my previous post, we moved across town to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. So far, we love it! I know there's been some folks wanting to see pics of our new digs (hi family! :) so here we go...

Our criteria for the new home when searching was that it needed to be within 10-15 mins of base, no tunnel traffic whatsoever, three bedrooms on the same level, garage for the motorcycle and storage, a small yard for Mac Mac and Tpot, affordable, and it would be a bonus if we both agreed on it. ;) 

We had gone to see several several places that all seemed to be nice but not exactly what we were looking for. Then we came across this "Luxury Condo" (I think it's just a townhouse lol) that had recently been posted on Craigslist. As we read the details, we laughed because it sounded perfect. The landlords got back with us quickly and said that they'd love to have us rent their home. 

Above is the outside of the complex. 

Kitchen and Backyard

Cute pic of my people enjoying the ocean :)

Living Room, Dining Area behind it, Sliding Door to Backyard, Mac Mac, and yes...that is a treadmill. lol What you are seeing is compromise in marriage being lived out. :) We usually keep it in the garage but seeing as it has been in the 90's with a heat index of 105-110 degrees...the garage just will not do. I honestly don't like it there, but I am very thankful for the sexy hubby that I get to see running on it and the daily reminder it brings to use it.  

More Living Room and Kitchen is to the Left.

Mac Mac 
A lady recently told us that she believed Mac was a Mountain Cur and not a Pit Mix. We are not so sure about that but Stephen liked the part about Mountain Curs being able to kill a bear. ;) lol 

View of entrance. Downstairs bathroom to the left and kitchen to the right.


 Upstairs at the top of the steps, Tierzah and Guest/New Baby's Room to the right, and Guest bath in front.
 Guest Bath. My friend, Amanda, gave us that beach photo a few years ago and we've been wanting to frame it since then. So when Stephen's Mom and Dad came to visit, Stephen put Linda to work and she graciously framed it. :)

Baby #2's Future Room
Right now it's being used as Tierzah's playroom and Guest Bedroom

Master Bedroom
My handyman built those awesome shelves for us. :)

Master Bath


She just woke up from a nap in this picture :) 
Our little Butterfly's Room


We love that it's only a 1.3 mile drive to get to this wee beach by our house.
Tpot with Daddy and Grandpa

Linda and Bruce

Another bonus is that we live about 5 mins from the Commissary, Exchange, Beach, and Water Park on Little Creek base. SO awesome! We took our water baby to the pool and she only managed to almost drown and scare her mommy half to death one time. :) 

Tpot began stacking all the DVDs into that box but I guess she decided it had a better purpose.

Mac has been such a good dog with Tierzah lately. She loves to hug him and use him for a pillow constantly these days. lol 

:) Can't believe another pair of tiny sandals will be added to this row soon!

Little Miss always wearing my shoes...

Went for a walk down the pier. Tpot is wearing her beloved "puppy backpack" ... a leash just doesn't sound as nice. :) Trying to run after a toddler in a store or public can be dangerous so this gives her freedom (and exercise!) and she doesn't have to be strapped in a stroller. Before I had a kid, I thought these were a bit ridiculous. It's amazing how incredibly humbling parenting can be, though. ;) Constantly learning.

My favorite mornings start with a family breakfast and this couple devotional. Always learning in our marriage too! I love discovering new things about my hubby. I've known him for about 10 yrs now and it never gets old.  

Watching The Incredibles with daddy. After watching this movie, she went through her little library on her own and found The Incredibles book that her cousins had given her. I didn't even know we had it! She is so brilliant. ;)

At the water park!

Stephen signed us up to attend the Navy's CREDO Marriage Retreat this month. My sis-in-law, Cheryl, was very kind enough to watch Tierzah for us. (Thank you, Reynolds!!) We weren't sure what to expect at the retreat but just being alone to focus on our marriage was definitely worth it. We had a blast going out pass our curfew ;), learning good ways to communicate and conflict well, and discovering the ways we best receive love where we are at now in life. When we were engaged, The Five Love Languages and the Myers Brigg Personality Test were things we studied and went over in premarital counseling. I wasn't expecting much of a change when they had us retake these tests at the Conference. It was SO interesting, though! I guess becoming a parent, getting old ;), or maybe going through 2 deployments in less than 2 yrs can change a person just a bit. lol Anyway, it was fun to study my hubby's personality, what makes him feel desired, and use the knowledge to love him mo' betta. I definitely would recommend a marriage retreat if you haven't been on one in a while! I know it can be a hassle to organize childcare, dog care, finances...but it's worth investing in the maintenance aspect of any relationship.   

Breakfast was served at 7am and guess who was one of the first people in line?! :) As you can see, I had to try everything they had to offer. I guess some things never change. lol

Since I woke us up sooooo early, we had time to go back to our room and start the prayer journal Stephen brought for us. 

Love you, babe!
He was on his way to pray for a retirement ceremony. 

That's all for now folks! I am listening to Tpot talk through the monitor to the butterflies
 (she calls them, butt-flies:) on the walls in her room. Better go and start breakfast...I'm starving, as always! :)

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  1. Love the new place! It's a shame that we're no longer in Va Beach to be closer to you guys! Miss you!