Tuesday, July 24, 2012

May-June via my iPhone

We had a busy May and June! Stephen had the opportunity to officiate two Navy weddings, a Memorial service, to speak at the Norfolk and Yorktown Chapels on base, to speak again to young adults at First Friday, to pray at a Memorial Day event, and he even got underway for a few days with one of his ships...along with his other uptempo regular chaplain-ly duties. :)

My time was spent keeping our little explorer on her happy routine. A mom with older children told me recently that during the season when you have young children it's impossible to be involved in every opportunity that presents itself. Only speaking for myself, I find that to be true. When I was growing up, all I ever wanted was to get married and raise children...8 to be exact. :) That number has now shrinked to 4 and maaaaybe 5. Lol While there are times that I wish I could be more involved in various opportunities, I am so grateful for the responsibility of raising Tpot and making another to add to the quiver. ;) I was vacuuming the house yesterday while Tierzah was chasing Mac Mac demanding hugs from him, and I seriously almost started crying! I felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness for my life and family. God is so good to me! I tend to automatically focus on the negatives while there is SO much that is actually going right. Just taking time as I cleaned and cooked to remember all the good changed my heart quickly. I'm sure my "moment" was interrupted by Tpot trying to eat the dog food or needing to clean her hand that was presenting what she found in her diaper. :)

Ok, on to pictures:

Mother's Day! Stephen bought me a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers. Stargazers and Roses were my wedding flowers too. He knows the secret to my heart...flowers and chocolate. :)

I love how T likes to sit on us and read books. This was just too precious! She does get a little impatient with how quickly the pages turn, though. T "helps" us with that. ;)

MOPS was such a neat experience for me this past year. Especially during Stephen's longer deployment it was great to have other awesome ladies to chat with.

This was the steering team! Virginia is in front and she was our fearless leader. I appreciate her heart for moms SO much! When Tpot was hospitalized while Stephen was deployed, Virginia and other MOPS ladies came and brought friendship, prayer, comforting words, food, and sisterly love that was priceless. My sis-in-law, Suzanne, drove an hour and a half to bring food, comfort, and encouragement as well. I was and am still so moved and grateful for these women who came in one of my scariest and loneliest times! Thank you ladies!!

I was coming home from a baby shower and Stephen was leaving to officiate a wedding. I don't get to see him in his fancy shmancy uniforms as much as I would like so he usually has to pose for a pic when I catch him lookin so studly. ;)

Prego Mamas: Julie (cuz-in-law), Rachel and Deborah (sis-in-laws), and me. This was taken at Rachel's baby shower in MD. Yay for 2012 babies! Family reunions should continue to be wild and crazy at this rate. Lol

Me and T at Grandma's house for the shower.

This year was Stephen's 1st Father's Day actually at home and not on a deployment in 2 years. We stopped for this picture on our way to church. :)

Afterwards, we headed up to Richmond to spend time with family. Thank you, Hawthornes, for sharing your pool!

Baby Griffin #2 @10 weeks! :) I hate waiting for OB appointments. Anxiety, worry, and excitement drive me crazy. Thank God, our little bean was rolling all over the place!

Mama G at 12 weeks. My belly popped right out this time around! Guess the body knows what it's doing now. :) I have felt much like the color of my shirt. Nausea and throwing up have become apart of my daily life. There were times I would be talking on the phone or with Stephen and have to pause for a moment to run to the toilet and then continue with the conversation. While it's frustrating, I also find peace in knowing that hopefully this means that all is going well with the pregnancy.

I found my wedding dress while packing up our house. Of course, I had to try it on. :) We decided to move closer to the base Stephen works at since it would take him up to an hour to drive 12 miles in traffic every day. It was tough to leave our great neighbors and neighborhood, though. However, it now only takes him 10-15 mins to get to and from work now! Getting to have more time with him everyday was definitely worth the move. Thank you to all those who helped us with moving!!

We met up with the Hawthornes at Virginia Beach after doing our garage sale. Tierzah LOVED the ocean this time! She is so brave...definitely her daddy's daughter. ;) I believe I was 13 weeks in this picture.

Hee hee...cute little girl! Such a busy bee.

Only 5 mins into our trip back home and she was passed out!

My sis-in-law, Rachel, had her sweet baby, Lillian! I'm so happy for them. I only wished I lived closer to all my little nieces and nephews scattered around the US...there are so many hugs and kisses that need to be given. :)

I'll sign off with this picture because it makes me smile. :) These two wild ones keep my life exciting and full of adventure. I love them more than I thought was possible!

Until next time...

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  1. Love all the pictures! T is so cute swimming in the water with Stephen. You are looking as lovely as ever with your cute little baby bump! And how in the world can you fit in your wedding dress while you are pregnant? Can't wait to see the post on what baby G is! : )

  2. Congrats again on the new addition to the family. Oh, and the move! I know that traffic is not fun for us wives when all we want to do is get our men home:) Loved the pics! Miss you guys.... Annie and Bells (and Josh too)

  3. Thanks Annie! :-) I miss that adorable family of yours! You are an inspiration. Can't wait for you to have your hubby back home with you!

  4. Hello Kara! I miss chatting with you! You are such an incredible example to me. I finally moved across the tunnel and you guys had to move away. ;) I miss you! I find out on the 7th, can't wait!