Tuesday, June 19, 2012

April 2012

I feel like I've been hibernating. It will make more sense as to why towards the end of this post. :) I have been wanting to blog for a while so here's to actually getting it done. April was filled with travel, family, sick baby, and a smokin hubby. :) Here's our April via pictures from my cell phone:

Tpot loves to get into the pantry whenever the doors are opened. Her favorite thing is....

....climbing up to pull things off the shelf. :) If I'm trying to get some baking or cooking done than I let her go to town and worry about the mess later (except when she starts eating Mac Mac's biscuits lol).

My stud :) Stephen got the opportunity to speak to our church's young adult group, First Friday.

On Easter Sunday, Stephen went on to a few of his ships to hold services for the sailors who had duty. He took this picture.

The week after Easter, our family invited us to spend a few days with them in Nags Head at the beach. Grandma took this picture of Tpot. :)

Us at Dam Neck Beach on base

Tierzah is not fond of the sand. :) When Stephen first lowered her down to stand in the sand, she held her knees up and refused to get her feet in it. She had to pick every grain of sand off of her feet. Lol We played on the beach towel instead.

I was picking up pine cones and my little helper made sure I got them all.

Date night on the Ducati. We finally got to try out The Still in Ptown. It was SO yummy!

Stephen and Gabe were representing First Friday at our small group. :)

My bro-in-law, Paul, signed us up to run the GW Classic. Stephen and the guys ran the 10 mile race and Cheryl and I ran the 5K. I ran a personal best of 29 mins...and some seconds that I conveniently do not remember. ;)

Post race: Me, Stephen, Cheryl, Paul, and Justin!

When we drove home from MD after the race, our little girl wasn't looking well. We ended up going into the ER in the middle of the night with concerns of another infection. Praise God, it was just a bug that needed to run its course...teething may have helped too.

For those of you who skipped to the bottom ;) I would have too! Mum really is the word this time. When we got home from the hospital after race day...I found out that I was pregnant. :D We're so excited...and scared too! Right now I am 12 weeks and a few days. The morning sickness/throwing up as been in full effect since 7-8 weeks and cravings have been for: hamburgers, pickles, mustard, bread, salt and vinegar chips, popsicles, cheezits, tea, salads, and more hamburgers. :) Writing that just made me hungry! Stephen and those who love me have been so gracious with me as my emotions are sometimes everywhere, fatigue has kicked in, and the 1st trimester symptoms have taken over. All of that aside, it is a special gift to have this opportunity to bring life into the world again and, hopefully, this little one will find everlasting life through Jesus as well! We have two babies that we can't wait to meet in Heaven and if all goes smoothly...we'll have two babies by Dec 29th here on earth too. :) I definitely appreciate prayers as this little one grows!

Tierzah is awake from her nap so I will sign off now. May God shine his favor on you today!

Until next time...

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  1. Congratulations to your family, Julie.

    Tally in Congo

  2. OMG! I knew it! I kind of have a sixth sense about these things....ask Kim. Congrats you guys! Definitely keeping the family in my prayers!

  3. So excited for you guys with #2 on the way! I will keep you in our prayers!

  4. Lol :) That's awesome! Miss you, friend!