Thursday, January 12, 2012

To that Stud I Married 5 Years Ago:

"I will probably hurt you someday even though it's the last thing I would ever want to do." Those were not the words this young, bride-to-be wanted to hear from her handsome, could-do-no-wrong, fiance! Sure, we had been to premarital counseling (which I'm a HUGE fan of!) and our awesome counselors helped us take off our rose colored glasses to get a vision of what marriage might actually really be like. But still...I didn't like thinking about the honest reality of Stephen's statement. The truth is, five years later, we both have said things in the heat of a moment that we probably regret, spent hours stubbornly "stone walling" (ok...that was all me), and made selfish decisions. But God has been so gracious and given us a taste of His love for us through our love for one another. As our true selves are exposed and our character flaws come to the surface, we have the opportunity to practice loving in spite of those shortcomings. I'll never night a few years ago, I felt like my world was coming undone, I couldn't keep it together, and I didn't want Stephen to even look at me. I felt humiliated and the tears wouldn't stop flowing. Stephen just scooped me up into his arms, let me cry, and whispered life giving truths to my heart. There was no condemnation or disappointment in his eyes...only fierce love for me....

 It was then that I got a deeper sense of how much God must love me! If He could give this incredibly forgiving, passionate, and supernatural love to Stephen to share with me. How much MORE must He desire us...desire our vulnerability, time, tears, and all those things we get to experience as a couple that strengthens our relationship?

Being married to this adorable man for 5 years has been the best time of my life. :) I love that I get to discover more about him daily. He challenges me constantly which I love, hate, and definitely need! lol I tell him that he's my favorite preacher and I actually mean that. Stephen has such a wonderful way of being real, honest, and passionate about his job as a husband, father, and Chaplain. He inspires me! I am so proud of him...

He also drives me crazy sometimes! ;) If you know Stephen, than you know he has another love....mmmmmotorcycles. One of our very first conversations almost 10 yrs ago went something like this: "Stephen, motorcycles are so dangerous! You could easily get killed on one of those death traps." He replied nonchalantly, "No, they're not that dangerous. Do you know that more people die in car accidents than on motorcycles?" ....Little did I know that after we got married, we would spend many more hours talking about motorcycles and I would even ride on them with him! God has helped me come to the conclusion (even after one of his bikes flipped, threw him off, and then blew up) that only He can keep Stephen safe. That has been something that I have thought about many times over these past two deployments also! Stephen was created with something inside him that craves risks and almost life threatening experiences.  One time Stephen rreminded me that all of those things are what probably attracted me to him in the first place! ;) Unfortunately, he was right.  ...His big blue eyes, perfect smile, and charming personality might have had something to do with it too.  I love that man SO much!

I love you, Stephen Thomas Griffin! I'm looking forward to you coming home soon and for many more years to come. xox

All these pictures were taken by my wonderful friend, Hannah, while Stephen was home for R&R in October. She does great work which you can see more of here!


  1. Happy Anniversary, J&S! What an accomplishment! To God be the glory.

  2. To My Sweet Butterfly,

    You've always seen the best in me and have chosen through the years to love me unconditionally. You have become my best friend and my partner for life. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, thanks for believing in me and for putting up with me;) I love you with all my heart!

    Always Yours,

  3. Yeah! Happy Anniversary to two amazing people! God knew what he was doing when he matched you up!