Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holidays with my families!

 Christmas started early as my mum came out to visit the 2nd week of December! I picked her up from the airport and we started a road trip right away to TN where my sister, Shantell, has recently relocated to. Here's some of my Bowling family (we missed you, Jared!). Left to Right: Bro-in-law, John, Serena, Tpot, Me, Mum, Shantell, Johnny III, Jasmine, Sara, Julianna, and little Paisley. This was all of us at Cracker Barrel. Love these people!!

 Little Tierzah with her Granny in our backyard. She enjoyed playing with her and soaking up all the attention and love.

 Action shot of Tpot "running" throughout her Uncle Jeff and Aunt Suzanne's house in Richmond on Christmas morning. :) My neighbor let us use this walker and as you can makes her very happy.

 All dressed and ready for Christmas lunch at Carole's house. We missed Stephen but it was great to be surrounded by family.

 This picture should be towards the top but oh well. :) It was taken in TN on the "Bowling Christmas" day. Granny with ALL the grandwaens (as they say in Scotland)

 Grandma Griffin got T an adorable outfit and she wore it for her 3rd Christmas celebration. lol The Griffin family got together in MD to exchange gifts and bring in the new year. While Aunt Deborah was helping to stand Tierzah up for pictures in her pretty dress, she slowly backed away from her allowing Tpot to stand ALL BY HERSELF for the first time! :) The best part is that Grandma actually got it on her camera! I was so excited for her. She isn't walking on her own yet...but it's a step in the right direction.

 "Christmas morning" in MD. Here are all the Griffin grandkids: Tierzah, Eva, Grant, Ellie, Laina, Jenna, Ethan, Abigail, and Caleb. They are SO cute!

 Just after midnight on New Years Eve, Stephen skyped us from Kuwait. 2012 was old news to him as he is 8 hours ahead of us. :) Once our clocks caught up with his, he gave us a call to welcome us to the new year! This is a picture that makes me smile...It's his sisters, Mom, and brother-in-law: Rachel, Suzanne, Mom, Deborah, Cheryl, and Paul. This kind of gives you an idea of how most families of deployed service members spend part of every special occasion.

 After Stephen got to say hello to the family, I stole him and went on the front porch to say sweet nothings. :) This is us "together" via Skype app. Everyday around 2pm EST (10pm Kuwait time), you'll find me somewhere in my house looking just like this. Well, I don't look exactly like this, I may have food on my hair or clothes thanks to Tpot, and I also may not have done my hair or make up for a few days...but you get the idea. ;) As everyone was kissing their loved ones, I'm thankful I at least got to see my handsome stud.

The 1st day of January, Little Miss woke up bright and early at 6am. So we headed over to Aunt Deborah's house for breakfast. It didn't take her long to figure out how her cousin, Caleb's, "motorcycle" worked. lol
She's a girl after her daddy's heart.

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  1. I just love following your little family, Julie. Your daughter is getting so big so fast!