Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farewell Jedidiah...

Jedidiah is our former microwave! I can't remember who, but someone gave Stephen and I this microwave at least 4.5 years ago. We were excited at the time that we wouldn't have to purchase one of our own. It didn't ever seem to bother us that there was a huge sticker on it, and so it traveled with us from our wee apartment, to our 1st home, and across the US to the east coast. It served us well and was still in great working order until.....

I was in our kitchen trying to prepare lunch for myself (which was butternut squash soup). I had Tierzah in her bumbo on the dinning room table. Worried about how she seemed to be getting enough strength to push out of her bumbo (which she can now do!) I was rushing to get my bowl of soup into the microwave while keeping an eye on Tpot who was reaching for a toy she had flung just out of reach of her fingertips. I entered "1 minute and 30 seconds", then pressed "start", and rushed back over to Tierzah. I picked her up and when I looked back at the microwave I noticed flickers of light inside of it and realized "there's a fire!!!" I immediately went into panic mode and prayed "Oh God! Help!" I ran into the livingroom, put Tpot in the play pen, ran back into the kitchen, picked up my phone to dial 911 and decided that it was more important to put the fire out now rather than waiting for it to blow up, so I ran to the sink, filled up a glass of water, ran to the microwave, opened the door, saw the fire and then ran back to the sink, and out of fear...I tried to throw the water from that distance instead of getting closer, meanwhile I didn't think about how I was tossing water ALL over the place!! :) I was a wreck! Thank God, the fire did go out and I stood there with adrenaline pumping, shaking, in a puddle of water just wondering what to do next. So...I called my dad, brother-in-law, and later that day I got to talk to Stephen and they all suggested that I throw it away. I had to take some deep breaths to calm down first, though. Oh ya, and I needed to mop up my floor and counters! :)

As the picture indicates, Jedidiah is gone and a new, black, Target-sale-microwave, is in it's place. I believe this one is labeled, Sunbeam.

A day in the life... :)

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