Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homefront Happenings

Me and Tpot @ 5 months! She is growing like a weed, talking up a storm, loves meeting new friends, and enjoys smiling at her daddy via skype and tango. :)

I did the ultimate "mommy fail" a week ago! :( I had T on the changing table, turned around to pick up some clothes off the rocking chair, and then I heard a "thump!" I whipped back around and saw my precious, tiny, baby flat on the floor! Everything was a blur after that moment, my heart felt like it stopped, T was in shock and then began crying, I started shaking while holding her little body in my arms trying to comfort her. I thought of all the worst scenarios and was certain that I had broken her....I felt AWFUL! I remember just pacing around the room praying out loud and then for some reason I started singing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know". I began to cry too as I realized just how much I love this little person and how I would rather take her pain and hurt so she wouldn't have to experience it! I was reminded that this is exactly what Jesus has done...because of His deep love for me~His baby girl.

Sigh, thankfully, Tpot was ok! Thank you to the mothers I've admitted this to already who have helped to remove my condemnation by telling me their own "baby drop" accidents. LOL I love you girls! One of which, was my own Mum. ;)

Needless to say, Tierzah has become an accomplished roller!

I have been trying to get out of the house when the weather permits to soak up some sun. I missed not having Stephen here to enjoy the beach with but I know he'll be home soon. I love you, babe!!!

Awkward picture, I know. :) We were sitting in Tpot's room when a severe thunderstorm came through and the power went out. It was bedtime for us so lights weren't really needed. Thankfully, I remembered where Stephen's flashlight was so I could maneuver up and down the stairs. It only lasted a couple hours...but I just think it's "ironic" that this ONLY happens while Stephen is deployed. I'll admit that I was scared for minute (the dogs were scared too lol) but God took that fear away quickly. As I lit a few candles, I thought about how romantic it would be if Stephen was there...maybe next year. ;)

Care package!!!!! THANKS BABE! :) I spent Fathers Day weekend with family in MD and had a wonderful time. When I got back home Sunday evening, I noticed a package at the door! I read the love letter a few times soaking in the words and then I opened the gift...

A Kuwait Starbucks Mug! How cool is that?! I was so excited that I have something to remember him by every time I use it. I couldn't wait to have my morning coffee the next day. :) I'm sure it even tasted better from this mug.

Stephen, if you are reading this, I forgot to tell you that I wore a couple of the shirts you sent home. :) They still have your scent on them so I thought wearing them while I hold Tierzah would be another way for her to remember you. Well, maybe I missed of your manly smell too. Xoxo

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