Friday, April 29, 2011

Delivery, Diapers, and Destinations...

Tierzah or T-Pot :)

I am happy to introduce our little bundle of joy! On January 21st around 1:00am, I started having contractions which continued until January 22nd. My husband and amazing coach helped me stay focused and gave me so much encouragement the entire time. At 10:10am Tierzah greeted the world with her 7.7lbs and 20inch ball of cuteness! She has had us wrapped around her tiny finger since the moment we held her in our arms. New is such an incredible miracle and gift! We are so very blessed! Learning the meaning of her cries, "surviving" the first 2 weeks, that first Dr's visit when she was 4 days old and I finally heard that she was "doing well"... "looking normal"...and well, that I had not broken her somehow! :), dressing her up right away in all her cute outfits, her 1st bath, being so tired throughout the night that I'd fall asleep standing up, taking hundreds of pictures of the same pose...the one of her sleeping on daddy's chest, and seeing her first smile-goo (talk)-roll over-foot grab- are all special memories we are thankful to hold dear. I've been meaning to post this for about 3 months, but it's even more meaningful to me that it's being posted on Mother's Day instead! Thank You, God, for two little ones in Heaven and our precious baby girl! My cup is full... :)

What have we been up to?

Well, besides the obvious :), we've been on the road and in the air traveling. This picture (above) was taken in Tampa, Fl at the North American Mission Board Conference. T-pot was just 8 weeks old at the time. It was very nice to get away and spend this time together. It's definitely "different" traveling with a newborn but I wouldn't take back the memories made for anything. The NAMB provided beautiful accommodations and once again treated us and the other missionaries like royalty. Some of the staff members offered to hold T and love on her so we could eat meals with our hands free or sit in the service together by ourselves. They always go out of their way to make us feel appreciated and loved. Thank you, NAMB! :)

While we were in Florida, Stephen's Grandma Griffin passed away in Texas. Francis Griffin was highly respected and admired by her children and grandchildren. We had the privilege of joining Stephen's sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to remember and honor her life and accomplishments. Stephen was humbled by the opportunity to officiate her memorial ceremony. I was so thankful that I got to hear all the stories and memories that the family shared of her life. I look forward to passing them on the T-pot one day as she gets older.

Next Stop...
Stephen and T are standing on the balcony of our suite in downtown San Diego. We decided to take a vacation back to the motherland. The carne asada and california burritos were calling our names. :) T got to meet her Granny (my mum), uncle Jared (my bro), and many of our dear friends. Since this was the place where I grew up, met, dated, and fell in love with Stephen, we had so many special spots that we wanted to revisit. My mum babysat T for us a few times so we could go on our 1st dates without a diaper bag and stroller in tow. :) We had a blast!

I just had to add this picture too. :) This was Easter Eve and she was 3 months old. That little smile melts my heart.

I feel as though I've just blinked and time has flown past us. I pray that we cherish these moments while we have them! Thank you God for the time you grant us to spend it wisely.

Carpe Diem comes to mind.


  1. AAW, Julie. I so enjoyed the update. Your little T is so cute! Isn't it just the best being a mom to a baby girl. They are a total blast!

  2. To my precious wife; thank you for taking the time to tell our story. I've never been more happy and more full of life than when I am with you. Thanks for saying "yes."

  3. Thanks Misty! girls are awesome! :)

    Adorable Hubby, I love you! Thank you for being my inspiration. xo