Friday, December 10, 2010

It's the Holiday Season!

I have so much to catch my blog up on so I shall waste no time. :)
I just realized that I had never posted what gender our baby is! Back in September, I had the technician seal in an envelope the secret of whether our baby was a boy or girl. Stephen was scheduled to be at a port within the next 3-5 weeks so I wanted to save the surprise for us to be able to find out together. His ship did not have working phones or internet usually so our skyping/phone "dates" were only available once every 4-6 weeks. When he finally got the chance to call, he excitedly said, "open the envelope!!" So I ripped it open and discovered that we were going to have a precious baby GIRL! :) We were so excited and still are. Ever since that day I have been seeing everything in shades of pink, flowers, bows, and butterflies. We have been thinking about names for our future children for years and this has always been a favorite...
Tierzah Analyse Griffin
The first name we discovered in Song of Solomon 6:4 "Oh my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah, Lovely as Jerusalem, Awesome as an army with banners!" The name Tierzah (we added an "e" :) means: She is my delight. It seemed quite fitting and we can not wait to meet her! Tierzah is still due on January 21st 2011 and I am currently 34 weeks prego!

This picture was taken in October at Dam Neck beach when I was 27 weeks. My sister came to visit for a couple days and we caught the last of the "warm" weather and rays at the beach.

ThanksMas with Mom and Sisters
Me, wee Scottish Mum, Shantell, Serena
My mum, sisters, brother in law, and 4 nieces and nephew came to spend the week of Thanksgiving with Stephen and I in Virginia. It was SO special to all be together and a huge treat for us to get the opportunity to host! We are scattered between CA, IN, NC, and VA so it's not everyday that we get this family time. Since we will not be seeing each other for Christmas we decided to combine Christmas and Thanksgiving this year. :) In this photo, we were getting ready to go out to The Melting Pot for some girl time. I love my family and look forward to our next gathering!

ELROD FRG Night Before Party
Stephen's ship, the USS ELROD, was scheduled to arrive back to Norfolk on November 13th. However, due to a storm they had to avoid while crossing the Atlantic...the ELROD was delayed 2 days and came home November 15th instead. Two days does not seem like very much compared to the many days we had already waited, but those were the longest 2 days I've ever experienced! It was definitely a discouraging time for everyone... so having this party to celebrate what we have already accomplished as those "holding down the forts" was much needed and appreciated. I had a great time getting to spend time with the other spouses and friends I've had the chance to make during this deployment.
...and two days later...

The ELROD came Home!
Here they are backing up to the pier....

We could not be happier or more nervous/excited to meet our loved ones!

Me and a fellow navy wife getting to go meet our hubbies for the first time...

My very first hug after 6 months!! To my surprise, about 7 or 8 Chaplains that work at Norfolk came to the ship to welcome Stephen home also. :) Our friend, Chaplain Driskell offered to take pictures of Stephen and I getting to meet each other. These pictures are priceless to me now!

He was even more handsome and adorable than I could remember! My sweetheart got our baby girl a teddy bear and flowers for me. :) I think we must have said 1,000 times, "I can't believe you're home...I can't believe you're actually here!" I soaked in his smell, touched his face, and kissed him like it was our very first. I'm SO thankful for his safe arrival home and we've been enjoying each other's presence for the past 3.5 weeks! Here's a little of what we've been up too...

Chaplain Anniversary Dinner
(Picture on the top right hand corner of blog)
Two days after Stephen came home, we got to attend a dinner cruise with many other Chaplains and their spouses. It was a very special time for us and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see my hubby get dressed up! :)

Stephen's 30th Birthday
November 29th I got to take my sweetheart on a date for his birthday! The day before his bday, we spent celebrating with some of his family in Richmond, VA. They made his favorite steamed shrimp, Maryland Cream of Crab Soup! SO yummy. Yes, the secret to Stephen's heart is definitely fish! I love this man with all my heart and feel incredibly blessed to be his wife and team mate. I have yet to meet a man as wise, understanding, adventurous, compassionate, fearless, handsome, irresistible, and surrendered to Christ like Stephen Thomas Griffin. I LOVE YOU, BABE!!

The Nursery
Stephen and Mac Mac were resting in the picture after putting together the crib, dresser, other great hand-me-downs we received from my sisters-in-law! God has totally been providing for things that we'll need for Tierzah. We're definitely feeling blessed above and beyond!

Christmas Time is Here!
This picture is of our back deck on the 1st Sunday in December! I was SO excited to get even this tiny bit of snow. :) Of course, it melted later that afternoon but it already had made my day!

First fire of the winter season! It's so much more enjoyable with my hubby here.
Thank You, Lord, for bringing him home safely and the wonderful people You've crossed our paths with this year! Please be with those who are still currently deployed or are making their way home for the holidays. Amen

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  1. What a sweet post, Julie. I am SO happy for you to have you hubs home and little baby girl on the way.