Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deployment Pics from Chaps!

Stephen has been able to send just a couple pictures that others have taken over the past few months and I wanted to share them! It has been an incredible opportunity for him to serve as the Chaplain for the Elrod. I'm pretty sure he'd agree with that. :)

Stephen meets with a group of guys for Bible study most nights, throughout the day he has meetings, and he has also been named "The Fun Boss" as he helps to keep moral up on the ship and helps to plan MWR events. :) Those who know Stephen...or even have spent a small amount of time with him...know that "fun" is an essential part of life! He usually always has something to smile about, a joke to make, and a silly-random song to sing. lol I noticed immediately how quiet our home became without Stephen there to fill it with joy. However, six months separated from each other is nothing compared to lives being impacted forever! "It will be worth it all..."

Here's Stephen with a few guys getting baptized

Here he is on one of the Steel Beach Picnics. Very excited because he made a goal during a Corn Hole Tournament....pretty sure his team won. ;-) GO BABE!

Chaps with a poker face on during a Spades Tourney. :) He's so cute!

Chattin with a fellow sailor...

I believe this was after a weapons assembly competition. And yes, pretty sure his team won that too. ;)
Definitely looking forward to being with him again!! I'm SO proud of him and so thankful for his sacrifice. It's been a wonderful and painful growing experience and we're praying that it strengthens our relationship with one another and individually with God. We know that it's only by His grace that we make it through each day!
Thank you to those who keep him and many other service members in prayer!

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