Monday, April 12, 2010


On Monday and Tuesday of, March 29th-30th, I was able to attend the Chaplain Spouse Orientation at Fort Jackson. It was so nice to have to opportunity to meet other spouses who were going through the same experiences and adventures! We got to exchange our own war stories and learn from spouses who have been riding this wonderful roller coaster for 20+ years. :) It was a lot of information to squeeze into just two days but I felt so encouraged to be brought up to speed to where our spouses had been at for the past three months. I can't wait to meet some of the wonderful women again down our Navy Life road in the future!
Stephen and his fellow Chaplains graduated on Wednesday, March 31st. I was SO proud of all of them! Of course in my opinion, Stephen was the most handsome of them all. ;-) I'm allowed to say that because this is my blog and he's my hub. The motivational speaker for the graduation was Vice Admiral Ann Rondeau. She gave a challenging thought to the approach their new duty stations as missionaries approach a new people group. To make sure they learn (in this case) the Military language, procedures, and protocols in order to have the opportunity to build relationships with those they desire to minister to. This is what I took away from her have the mindset of being a "missionary to the Military". I'm so thankful for this opportunity to serve God and our country! Stephen and I feel so humbled and blessed. We KNOW there are going to be difficult challenges ahead but we're only promised today and have to take it one day at a time.
Here are some of the photo's I took of the ceremony and reception:
The Chaplaincy School and Center at Fort Jackson, SC
Chaplain's hanging out at the reception
My new friend, Sarah. A fellow Chaplain Spouse!
Tracie...another one of my new Chaplain's spouse friends!
Chaplain Stephen Griffin receiving his certificate from (left) Vice Admiral Ann Rondeau, and (right) Chaplain (Capt.) Michael Langston
After saying our good byes, Stephen and I loaded our car FULL of our belongings and drove 6 hours to our new home here in VA. We're SO excited to finally begin this new journey!

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