Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's taken me a while but here are some pictures of us playing in the snow from the blizzard we received in Dec. It was my first experience of a "real" winter wonderland! Besides the part where you have to sometimes dig your car out of the snow, brush off and scrape your windshield of snow and ice, and have to wear so many layers of really was beautiful. :) We've had a lot more snow over the past month around these parts, but the pictures below are of the very first 24 inches of snow we received. There is nothing quite like the morning after a blizzard...the snow is fresh and crisp, the sun glistens through the trees, the fireplace is on, and with a cup of coffee in hand I get warm and fuzzies all over. :)
Stephen and I at Flat Iron Farms for the Christmas Musical Light Show

My niece, Jenna, and I sledding down the hill

My Best Friend

Stephen paving a sledding path for us!

Ma and Dad Griffin's house the morning after the blizzard

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