Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"At Last My Love Has Come Along"

Congratulations Lieutenant JG Griffin!!

I played the song, At Last, by Etta James in my car on my way to pick up Stephen from the airport. :) I was SO nervous and excited! Because of the snow storms, all the flights were being cancelled so I watched the arrival screen carefully to make sure his flight was still on time. Twenty mins of waiting felt like two hours! Then...I saw him from far away! At least I thought that was him....was it? I was hiding behind a tree in the airport until he got closer and then I knew for sure! I popped out in front of him and our first hug was (sigh) incredible. Stephen was much more toned and buff than I remembered and the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering everywhere. It was like we were the only people in the airport! I never wanted to let go of him again.

The Navy Officer Chaplain School is actually on an Army base here in SC. Because of renovations that the base is doing to the living quarters, the Chaplains that were in Stephen's graduating class at ODS are staying at a near by hotel. So this hotel room has been home for the past week and a half. :) I'm thoroughly enjoying the time I get to spend with Stephen right now. Surprisingly, I stay pretty busy throughout the day taking care of things that need to be done before we move to Norfolk at the end of March. It's a fun adventure for us right now and I'm thankful for this experience. I'm so proud of Stephen and all his hard work! He is such a special man with a heart full of intense love for the men and women that serve our country. I'm blessed to be his wife!

January 2010

In my blog post from December 30th, I mentioned that Stephen was accepted into the Navy to become a Chaplain. He flew to San Diego, CA to swear in and get commissioned. We LOVE Mexican food and it was Stephen's goal to get a real Burrito from Los Panchos when he landed. Well, the commissioning officer decided to perform the ceremony right there in the parking lot of the restaurant! This picture always makes me laugh...only my husband would do this. I love him! Anyway, he started Officer Development School in Rhode Island two days later and was there for 5 weeks. It was the longest that he and I had ever been apart in our three years of marriage. I guess at times I didn't feel up to blogging and other times I actually stayed pretty busy. I learned so much during our month apart and know God used it for good! I cried a lot more than I expected to and just missed my best friend immensely. I knew (and know) in my heart that this is exactly where we were supposed to be and tried to focus on the greater mission before us. My sister-in-law gave me a book called, Faith Deployed, for military wives. I incorporated that devotional into my quite time everyday and was SO encouraged by the stories and lessons that these seasoned military wives had to share. It seemed like every page was just for me! I clung to the verses and watched how God was able to work on some hidden areas of my heart. I am learning more and more about how vital prayer is, and how much I need God's hand in every area of my life and throughout every moment my day.
Here's Stephen being commissioned :)

My friends from San Diego, Dale and Kim, were visiting family in VA so we were able to meet up with each other in the middle. It was so refreshing to spend time with them for a few hours and catch up!

Also in January, I got to have my pal, Amanda, come out and visit me! It was a treat to be able to spend ten days with her and tour the DC area. On our first venture out into the city, we were in a car accident where the driver of the other car decided that she wanted to be in our lane too. :) God definitely protected us and no one was hurt. It was my first car accident experience and of course it had to happen when Stephen was several states away. Amanda and I were able to laugh about it after the shock and still managed to have a good time!

Us in the Mall in front of the Capitol on our way to see museums

We got to visit good ole Abe Lincoln! The history around DC is just fascinating to me.

I didn't want to post oodles and oodles of the pictures we took but I thought this one was special. There was an elderly man standing next to us visiting names of possibly the men that he knew. As I took a picture of the wall, I got his reflection in it too! It makes my eyes well up thinking about all these men and women that gave their lives for our country and the friends and family members that grieve their loss. "Honor Those Who Served"
After Amanda went back home, I spent 5 days babysitting my nieces and nephew in Richmond VA with my sister-in-law. Then I focused on getting ready to see Stephen!!

Winter Wonderland

It's taken me a while but here are some pictures of us playing in the snow from the blizzard we received in Dec. It was my first experience of a "real" winter wonderland! Besides the part where you have to sometimes dig your car out of the snow, brush off and scrape your windshield of snow and ice, and have to wear so many layers of really was beautiful. :) We've had a lot more snow over the past month around these parts, but the pictures below are of the very first 24 inches of snow we received. There is nothing quite like the morning after a blizzard...the snow is fresh and crisp, the sun glistens through the trees, the fireplace is on, and with a cup of coffee in hand I get warm and fuzzies all over. :)
Stephen and I at Flat Iron Farms for the Christmas Musical Light Show

My niece, Jenna, and I sledding down the hill

My Best Friend

Stephen paving a sledding path for us!

Ma and Dad Griffin's house the morning after the blizzard