Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's the Holiday Season!

With a woop dee woop, a dickery dock, a Thanksgiving week with family, a niece's ballet show in The Nutcracker, a husband's 29th birthday, a baby-sitting my adorable 1 yr old niece for a week, a visiting family in Richmond, Va, a spending a fabulous early Christmas with my sisters in North Carolina, a getting to hear my favorite preacher (Stephen, of course) speak at his home church, a lots of Christmas shopping, an amazing experience of being in 2 feet of fresh snow for the Griffin family Christmas weekend, a 3rd Christmas celebration with family in Richmond, VA, a refreshing visit with friends from SD while they visited family in DC, and a partridge in a pear tree. :)

That almost sums up our past two months! Stephen and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend time with family and each other. This truly has been a unique season for us to spend every single day over the past 3 months together. :) And no, I haven't gotten sick of it yet. Stephen is my best friend, lover, and the most balanced leader I have ever known. In short...he's my hero!

Along with the good times, I've also experienced some moments of anxiety, worry, loneliness, anger giving it all to God, and then taking it all back again. God has taught me SO many lessons in this short period of time that I will never forget. There's nothing like going through a storm (big or small) and finding that God as been right in the middle of it all along. I love how the Lord desires that kind of intimacy with me! It is incredibly humbling to see how undeserving I am to take part in the many blessings AND trials that He seems fitting to bring my way. Like David, I've watched myself come full circle time and time again. I'm thankful that I can be honest and vulnerable with God, that he can rebuke and teach me, that I can learn, and in turn draw nearer to Him. ::Sigh:: He's so awesome.

Well, this is the moment Stephen and I have been waiting for! The Navy has kept us on our toes over the past month. We were not sure if Stephen was going to be attending ODS (Officer Development School in Rhode Island) in January or May. It's been nerve wrecking not knowing one way or the other. Thankfully, we just heard back from the recruiter and Stephen will be leaving this Saturday to fly to SD for commissioning and will get back on a plane that evening to go to Rhode Island! He also received orders for Norfolk, VA when he finishes the second part of his training in South Carolina. We were SO excited about this as we'll only be a few hours away from family. After Stephen has lived away from them for about 10's nice to be close again. Many things have been falling into place at the last min before training and it could only have been at God-speed. I'm so proud of Stephen for all of his hard work as I can now call him....LieutenantJG Griffin! I will miss him terrriiibllly while he's training for several weeks but I know God will see us both through.

I should probably end here... As always, thank you for your prayers and we hope they continue!! We're excited about this journey and where the next step takes us.

Pictures to come! :)

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