Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trip to the North American Missions Board

We had a great trip to Georgia this week! It was so awesome to meet some great missionary and chaplain candidates along with their wives. The three days we spent at NAMB was incredible. They literally spoiled us and went out of their way to make us feel at “home”. We had a two hour flight to ATL and then loaded a shuttle with about 30-40 other candidates. We got to the hotel where we were all going to be staying and it was beautiful! NAMB provided for our air fare, hotel, transportation, and all of our meals. God definitely used them to make us feel loved and encouraged. :) The NAMB facilities were beautiful and the people were so friendly. Some of my favorite things about this trip were: getting to meet other chaplain’s wives and hearing their stories, learning all I could from the retired chaplains, getting to spend time with Stephen and experience this with him, and seeing how well our interview went and the peace God gave us through it. It was sad to leave the new friends that we got to know. I pray, if the Lord wills, we’ll be able to see some of them again down the road. It got even better, though. On our flight home, God had us sit next to a 1st Sergeant in the Army! He was on his way back home from being in Afghanistan. Stephen was able to share with him our story and have a great conversation with him. He gave us his contact information if we ever need anything in the future. Seeing him greet his weeping wife at the airport was SO heart wrenching! It was such a special moment.

The executive committee at NAMB is reviewing our application for endorsement today. We were told that no news from NAMB is good news. :) So hopefully, we’ll be hearing from our Navy recruiter soon that everything went through o.k. Our endorsement is the last thing that we have been waiting for in order for our application to the Navy to be complete. If all goes well, Stephen will be going before the Navy Care-board on November 17th and Officer Candidate School in January. This is all tentative, of course. ;-)

Prayer Requests! Stephen and I need prayer to continually give over our worries and concerns to God through this uncertain season of our lives. And to remember that we desperately need YOUR prayer support! THANK YOU!! This verse has been on my heart and mind lately, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind in stayed on You because he trusts in You.”

Here are some pictures of our trip to NAMB:

We walked into the Missionary Lounge Room and found a large "Welcome Missionaries" greeting with each of our names written out on the white board. :) Here are some of the Chaplain candidates finding their names.
Beautiful scripture design on the wall

Stephen and I on the day of our interviews

"The World at Our Doorstep"


  1. WOW!!!! This made me cry...i am SOOO excited for you two and PROUD that my bro and sista are, Lord-wiling, going to be missionaries and a "help in time of need" to so many! It's amazing to see how God has prepared both of you for THIS throughout the years. WOW!!!! I love you <3

  2. Thanks Mal Mal! We definitely need your prayers. Stephen and I miss you all SO much!! xoxo

  3. Thanks for this post - we are coming up on our trip to GA in a few weeks and this put my heart at rest as to the type of trip it will be :) Thanks.

  4. How exciting! :) Yes, we obviously really enjoyed ourselves and felt so encouraged after leaving everyone there. God bless you guys on your journey!

  5. It was a great time! Thanks for your kind words. :) Now we'll see if the Army has room for us...
    (I'm blogging at if you're interested in following our journey). We share other things in common as well - I have two babies in heaven myself. Praying your little one continues to grow and develop until you get to hold him/her in your arms.