Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pilgrims Passing Through

Wow! I can't believe that next week will mark 1 month of traveling and living as sojourners. :) I truly feel like I am a pilgrim. Good thing God knew how much I'd love to travel! We've had a fabulous time over the past 2 weeks spending time with my sister and her family, a few of Stephen's sisters and their families, and his mom and dad. On our way up to Maryland from Florida, we stopped in North Carolina to visit with my sister and brother-in-law, Shantell and John. I haven't seen them in about four years so it was a very special visit for us! Here's a few pictures of our trip in New Smyrna Beach, Fl and our visit with my sister and her family:

Me on my first scooter ride :) Such a fun time! My beginnings of becoming a "biker"
This picture turned out blurry but it was the only one I caught of the beautiful sunsets we were having!

Stephen and I standing near the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse in Daytona Beach
(the Lighthouse at the top)
Just a neat bridge we were passing as we traveled up through GA and SC
Me and my oldest sister, Shantell. Love my family!

Stephen and I with our cute little nieces and nephew: Sarah, J.R., Jasmine, and little Julie ;-)Me with J.R. He was making me laugh SO hard! Gotta love little boys

Jasmine, little Julie, and Sarah

After spending the night at my sisters, we drove up to Virginia and got to have lunch with my sister-in-law and her family before the last leg of our journey up to Maryland. It was awesome! Our dog Mac Mac, did very well and we made it to Stephen's parents house in good time. I wish I would have gotten a picture of our room after we unloaded our car! There were piles knee high covering the entire floor with our "stuff". I have no idea how we got all of that into our car! It took us several days to get settled in but we finally did. :)

The question I feel we are getting asked the most is, "What do you guys do everyday?!" Ha! Well, let me tell you, it's been very different for us to not have something on the schedule everyday and every night. Since the day we got married, Stephen and I have been on the go 24/7 with work, school, ministry, and events...never was there a dull moment. Our lives have been changed dramatically and now we are just enjoying this free time with each other! As we move closer and closer to going into the military, I know there will be plenty of times when I will be far away from I'm soaking up all I can now. He's such an amazing, fun, and lovable man! We've been able to take care of "loose ends", do some eeeearly Christmas shopping (it's just us and the senior citizens at the mall during the day), got to go to my very first football game to see the Redskins vs the Eagles, a Pearl Party with my mom-in-law, a Candle Party with my sis-in-law, a Golf Tournament/Memorial for a family friend, Nick, who was killed while fighting in Iraq, visited Arlington Cemetery and Nick's grave, visited Natural History Museum, and I've been able to cook for my in-laws throughout the week (which I love to do!). Here are a few pictures that I've taken while we've been here:

Stephen has been wearing a "Freedom Isn't Free" wrist band in memory of his friend, Nick, for the past few years. He wanted to visit Nick's grave and leave the band on his tomb. It was so moving to watch and so heart wrenching to see new graves being dug for those who are still giving their lives for our country.

Redskins vs Eagles football game!

Just a little bit of Fall over here in Maryland!

I know it's time to end this post, but before I do I wanted to ask for prayer. Stephen and I leave for Duluth, GA this Monday for a three day conference/interview with the North American Missions Board. If they decided to endorse us then Stephen's next interview will be with the Navy on November 17th. We're very excited about this trip and pray that God's will be done.

"Lord, thank You for Your provision for us and Your protection. I pray that You would forgive me for my heart that is prone to wonder far from You and the shelter of Your wings. Thank You for Your continual mercy and grace. We would be lost without You. Please remove any fear, anxiety, or worry from us and grant us peace that passes all understanding. We love You and are SO grateful for the intimacy we are able to share with You through Your Son, Jesus! Amen"


  1. Julie-I'm so excited about the adventure that the Lord is embarking you all on. Please let me know if you have any questions or just want to talk. This "adventure" (as you call it, and I call it too) can be scary at times. Just know I am here any time you need me. Tim did Chaplaincy training at Ft Jackson last January (started the 4th of Jan) so I know where you've been and I know where you're goin'! Enjoy the ride :) --Jennifer Raburn

  2. Thanks Jen! I appreciate the encouragement you've given and how you've made yourself available. Your blog has been been awesome to read and glean wisdom from as well! Thanks again!