Friday, October 9, 2009

Journey Mercies

I've heard that phrase used often in prayer but never desired it so much like I had today! Our drive from Houston Tx, through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, to land in Pensacola, Florida was quite an adventure. We woke up from our fabulous night of rest to find rain with strong winds blowing outside our window. We are traveling with our dog and he has had his "suite" set up in the back seat of our car. Along with our bike, we had our suitcases strapped down to our trailer. However, with the strong wind and rain we had to put the suitcases in the back seat and our puppy's new home was in the passengers seat with me. :) I wasn't sure how I would handle having our 40 lb puppy on my lap for 8 hours but we didn't have any other options. "It's all apart of the adventure," I reassured myself.

As Stephen drove, we came across 8 hours of almost non-stop heavy duty rain. We've become very acclimated to the blissfulness of San Diego needless to say...we received a big wake up call! With motorcycle and trailer in tow, Stephen had his eyes intensely fixed on the road through thick traffic and tough weather. There were many times I thought we were going to hydroplane or our trailer was going to flip over. I had to close my eyes, step on my imaginary break petals ;) and just pray for safety and protection! We saw God's graciousness to us as we passed many car accidents that could have been us.

With great thankfulness I can say that we've made it safely to our hotel in Pensacola, Fl! Thank you again for your prayers!

Good night all~

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