Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Journey Begins

On Monday of this week, we finished loading our container with the help of friends and began our journey back east. I cried for a while as the realization of leaving "home" settled in. I will miss the privilege I had to live so closely to some amazing family and friends. The idea of being on this adventure with Stephen brought encouragement and excitement for what was up ahead.

We arrived in El Paso, TX early Tuesday morning and enjoyed a fabulous visit with Stephen's extended family. I brought a stomach flu bug with me from San Diego and it decided to raise its ugly head on our second day in El Paso. Other than being bed-ridden while visiting family, we both had a great time! This morning we started our 11 hour drive to Houston, TX and have finally reached our hotel. Our puppy, Mac Mac or Maximus :) is already nestled into his doggy bed fast asleep. Stephen has driven the ENTIRE way so far. We have a trailer hitched to our car with his motorcycle balanced on it. That may be one reason he has decided to take the reigns so far. ;)

Tomorrow we begin another drive to somewhere around Pensacola, FL. It's been so much fun taking this long road trip with my hubby! I love how we both enjoy just "being" together whether it's singing songs, talking, planning, praying, studying, or being silent. I'm so blessed to be married to him! However, we both are anxious to get to our destination in NSB, FL where we will stay for a week before traveling up north.

I'm going to log off now, but I just wanted to post an update with where we are at right now. Thank you for your prayers as we have been blessed with safety this far! I hope you all have a good nights rest and I'll post more as soon as I'm able to.

God Bless!

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