Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I can not believe it has already been almost 1 month since I’ve had the opportunity to blog! Over the past few weeks, Stephen and I have been able to sit back and watch God do incredible works on our behalf. He takes care of even the most insignificant of our needs. I just wanted to brag about Him a little. :)

Destination: Washington D.C., Richmond V.A., & Myrtle Beach SC
Operation: R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N

I only will post a few pictures because there are 2,000 (I’m not kidding) to go through. In the Griffin family, they refer to people who take a million pictures of anything and everything as a, “Camera Nazi.” :) Stephen’s mom graciously takes all of our memory sticks at the end of every vacation and burns DVDs for everyone. This year she collected 9 cameras and that’s how we ended up with 2,000 photos! It’s awesome…I love it.

We had a wonderful time visiting with Stephen’s family! Spending a full 2 weeks there was such a special treat. Traditionally, we got play many games of family poker, tromped through a lusciously green forest where Stephen picked up poison ivy (Ouch!), toured the Pentagon with Stephen’s sister (amazing), were treated to one too many beautiful dinners at National Harbor, became “beach potatoes” for a whole week in SC, played in the warm ocean, read books, got burnt for the first time! :), enjoyed the Jacuzzi, played in the pools, spent many nights talking into the wee morning hours, spent time with our adorable nieces and nephews, got stung by a jelly fish (Stephen’s sting was worse than mine…poor guy!), and one of my favorite moments was the family sharing time with all of us in one room. I love getting to hear how I can pray for everyone individually and also hear what God’s been doing in their lives specifically. It was SO relaxing and we could not have had a better time!

The photo above is a view of our resort from the pier. It was Beautiful! I must say that it had been YEARS since I last actually got into the ocean up until this trip. There wasn't any seaweed, it was warm, and the waves weren't too big...just right! :)

This photo is (above) is of Stephen, his four sisters, and his mum and dad. The book that is being displayed is a 35th Anniversary photo album that was put together for Bruce and Linda's celebration.
Baking in the sun! Our resort in the background

Isn't this beautiful?! This was in Myrtle Beach, SC

Family Photo: Just Us! :)

Sorry you have to turn your head...but it's worth it!

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