Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Definition of Providence:
1. Care or preparation in advance; foresight.
2. The care, guardianship, and control exercised by a deity; divine direction
3. Providence God.

I couldn't think of any other fitting title to describe what I'm about to share! God has opened up so many doors recently and given us "divine direction." For those of you who have been following along with my blog, you know that my husband, Stephen, received his Masters of Divinity this year. Right before we left for vacation last month, we turned in our application to the North American Missions Board to see if they would endorse us as missionaries to the Military. We also received news about potential budget cuts so my husband volunteered to be "laid off" so no other positions would have to be terminated. He plans on (Lord willing) going to boot camp in January so he would just stop working for the church a few months early. However, This was not approved of before we left for vacation...we would have to wait a week to find out! While waiting we decided to call our realitor and put our house on the market just to see if there would be any potential buyers. Within the first week, we had many serious offers on our home! That alone is just not normal in our housing market today. We could not believe it! Shortly after receiving that news, we found out that Stephen's last day of "official" work would be September 15th. All of this was coming together while we were thousands of miles away from home on vacation! We were just sitting back--watching God put pieces together and work on our behalf...amazing. When we got home the following day, we signed an offer on our house and are now waiting for it to be approved.

This is all coming together much quicker than we anticipated and can totally see God's hand in it all. Yesterday, Stephen and I went before a board of 18 pastors, deacons, and professors at our church for an Ordination interview/meeting that lasted 3 1/2 hours! I was SO nervous going into this meeting and I think I asked everyone I knew to pray for us beforehand. :) After the butterflies settled down, I realized that it was a special expierence to sit next to my husband and for him to know that I'm on his team as his cheerleader. They went through Stephen's Doctrinal Statement and asked him so many questions that I had a headache by the time it was over! ;-)Stephen did a fantastic job and we both were honored to have these great men give us advice and exhortation. I went to the back of the room to "get some water" and snuck a few pictures my camera phone. Sorry they are blurry.....
Above: A few different shots of the Board
Above: My Hubby waiting for the Board to vote.
Which by the way, the Board voted "Yes!" to Stephen's Ordination as Pastor/Chaplain and the service (prayer) will be held this Sunday night. We were so excited to pass through this step on our journey.
If this was not enough, today Stephen received an email from the North American Mission Board that they have reviewed our application and want to fly us out to GA to be interviewed further! We were thrilled to get this news. At times this whole process makes me anxious, scared, excited, and joyous all at once. But God is just constantly reminding me all things are to be done His way, by His plan, with His knowledge, and in His timing. I am being humbled by His many provisions made for us daily. Sure, there are SO many more steps that need to be taken, decisions to be made, and bridges to that need to be crossed, but I'm confident that God is in control....and He will carry us through!
I appreciate your continued prayer support for us. We are so honored and humbled by this opportunity to serve in this capacity.


  1. Hi Julie! I found your blog through Laura's and am so excited to read about what God is doing in your life. Isn't He amazing to just fit the pieces together perfectly? Will be praying for you as I'm sure your husband will be going to the Chaplain boards soon! Nice to have found another spouse to a Military Chaplain! :)

  2. Thanks for your prayers!! :) Nice to meet you! Can't wait to get to know you better through your blog.