Sunday, June 21, 2009

Niece~Paisley Mae Vire-Bowling

This blog dedicated to our adorable niece, Paisley. She is called everything from, Princess, PB, Paize, Paisley Button, to Rolly Polly. Paisley was born Feb 4th of this year. Her mommy is my older sister, Serena. She is the cutest 21lb ,4 month old, ball of love that I've ever seen! Ha! Paisley was named after the town that my mother is from in Paisley, Scotland. My sister wanted to add some "heritage" (as we call it in my family) to her daughters name. Paisley captured every one's heart the day she was born.
I pray that she'll grow into a beautiful woman inside and out. That she will also grow to learn about the Creator of the world and how just how much He loves her. I pray that she would know that she can do all things through Christ and learn to put her faith and trust in Him.
And now begins the Auntie bragging photo shoot:

Mommy and Paisley (below)

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