Wednesday, May 27, 2009

True or False

"Whatsoever things are true...think on these things"
Phil 4:8

God has definitely been working on my heart about this passage in Phil. I know that tend to "over think" everything in my life. It's good for planning and remembering details, but not so great for worry, fear, or depression. I will admit that I struggle with trying to see reality and truth (maybe I just thinking that my reality is better?) :) Well, anyway, I'm so thankful for this book that I mentioned previously, Loving God with All Your Mind. I started the first chapter and already had to stop and digest it! I'm kind of slow like that...I have to journal, blog, think, re-read, and talk about new concepts in order for them to really sink in.

The first chapter was about meditating and memorizing scripture and allowing the truth from God's Word to fill my mind and heart. My husband encouraged me to start memorizing scripture each week with him. We started this several weeks ago and it's awesome to see what God has been doing in our lives personally because of it. Our summer small group starts this Friday and I can't wait to start memorizing with them as well.

Anyway, as I continued reading, the author was encouraging me to put all my thoughts through a "filter" in order to "think on things that are true." A lot of times it's easier for me to think that the world is against me or that I am a failure...rather than to take a moment and ask myself what is real in each thought. God, please help me to see what is true through your eyes. Help me to put up boundaries in my mind.

By the way, I was SO thankful to have Stephen back on Sunday! We went straight to say farewell to our dear friends, Ben and Rochelle. Ben just got back from Army Ranger training and they are now beginning their new lives in GA. Rochelle has been a great friend of mine and I will miss them very much. I definitely have shed a few tears over them leaving. This is the life of the military, though. I know Rochelle and I will be life long friends wherever we are "stationed" on this earth. Here are some pictures of Ben, Rochelle,and their adorable baby, Chanelle:

P.S. I'm asking a quick prayer request for good health as I keep catching whatever flu's or colds that are flying around! I've been at home not feeling so great for a couple days. Pray that Stephen doesn't catch it as we tend to share each others illnesses! :)

P.S.S. I am in my "finals" week at school and could use prayer that I pass these classes!


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