Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anticipation...A Beautiful Day!

Today marks day number three that my very best friend has been away. He does not have cell phone reception where they are at so not only have I not seen him, touched him, or kissed him in three days...I have not heard his sweet voice either! I know I sound ridiculous and there are many other women who have gone months to a year without being with their husbands, but bare with me as I am just beginning this new experience. Man, absence really does "make the heart grow fonder." I can't wait to see him this evening! I am going to cherish every moment I get to have with him tonight and tomorrow. :)

I had a very relaxing and restful day yesterday. I got to make coffee and pancakes for my friends that spent the night, had a good time laughing and singing together, had an amazing time of worship with just me and God, pampered myself, I got to lay out and enjoy the sun in my backyard with my dog, and started a new book by Elizabeth George, Loving God with All Your Mind. I have a feeling it's going to be fabulous. It was given to me by my friend, Jen Sanchez, a while ago and I felt like God was leading me to read it now. I am sure that I will be blogging about it soon. I am anticipating great things from it!

I have been really wanting to visit a small church near my house. It's called, First Baptist of Lemon Grove. I decided that since I was having car issues, I would take the opportunity to walk to that church this morning. It was SO encouraging and uplifting in my spirit to worship and sing with a group of believers that I have never met before. I walked in and sat close to the the front of the church. The church family consisted of mostly elderly saints, and that too encouraged me. I thought of all the "storms of life" they have weathered by God's grace. What an amazing testimony it was to see a grandmother sitting in front of me with her grandchildren. I thought of one word, Faithful. Those children will be able to look back and remember that their granny brought them to church with the eternal value goal of one day being able to sit with them at Jesus' feet!

As the worship started, we sang together in one voice ,"It Is Well With My Soul." I remembered that the author wrote this after hearing from his wife that on her journey across the Atlantic Ocean, that there had been a disaster on board their ship and ALL of their children died. The pastor said after we sung this song, "Even when all is NOT well in our finances, relationships, economy, families, jobs, futures, and our different life situations....we can be thankful that because of Jesus, all IS STILL WELL within our souls!" I will not forget that. As I struggle with different minor things in my life today (compared to others), I am grateful that I still have peace in my soul.

I don't know when I'll get a chance to visit that church again, but I couldn't help but think what Heaven will be like! I can't wait to sing and praise God with millions of other believers from all over the world, the angels, and those who have already gone before us!

"Behold I come quickly"-Jesus....I can't wait!

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