Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is a Vapor

Ain't that the truth! This month has gone by so quickly! I can NOT believe it will be May soon. I have mixed emotions about it. I am certainly stoked because I will be finished with this semester of classes in about 4 1/2 weeks! And I am also nervous because of the unknowns and quick progression that may be happening in the summer and fall. Stephen and I are still trying to be sensitive to where God is directing us...even though we are more certain that it is into the military as a Chaplain. I'm excited to see where God takes us and watch His plans unfold. :) No buns in the oven yet, but we are still trusting that the Lord is big enough to take care of that as well.

Mr. Burks passed away last weekend. He was my great friend's (Amanda and Mallory Shultz) grandfather. Mr. Burks treated me as though I was also one of his granddaughters. He was very sweet, caring, funny, and sincere. I loved going over to their house knowing that I was going to get a big "grandpa and grandma" hug from Mr. and Mrs. Burks. My grandfather's are both in Europe so I have not gotten to see them too often growing up. Grandpa Burks used to always come into Amanda's room whenever I would go over to their house and offer me something to eat! :) It seemed like he always had something VERY...ummm...interesting for us to try. Even though I didn't always like the food (except for the chocolate covered nuts!), I still pretended like I did so I wouldn't disappoint him. I thought he was so cute! He supported our singing and I know that he loved his family with a passion. Grandpa Burks has left such a tremendous legacy for his children, grandchild, and me. He was a faithful man that loved the Lord and wasn't ashamed. He knew that his life was "but a vapor" and lived accordingly. His funeral was the hardest funeral that I've ever gone to. I'm grateful to see his fire and passion being lived out in my good buddies Amanda and Mall as I know God has great things in store for them as well.

The day of Grandpa Burks funeral I received a letter in the mail at my job. An older woman wrote to us that her husband of 57 years had just passed away 8 days ago. :( She said that going to the grocery was very difficult as he usually always came with her. He used to sneak off but she always knew what he was up to. She would see him coming down the aisle with a big grin and 3 long yellow roses. He knew that she loved yellow roses. Coming back to reality, she walked past the meat aisle and searched for the perfect, small piece of steak. She remembered how her husband loved his T-Bone steak cooked. Next to her, she saw a woman who was tall, thin, blond, and beautiful. The woman picked up a package of meat and dropped it into the basket...hesitated and put it back. She watched this woman and caught eye contact with her. The woman smiled and said, "My husband loves T-Bones, but for this price? I don't know." The older woman told her that her husband had just passed away a few days ago...and she urged the young woman to buy the steaks and cherish every moment that she had with him. The young woman eyes filled with emotion, she picked up the steaks, and walked away. The elderly woman went back to shopping and tried to decide which size milk carton to get now. "I guess a quart will do" she decided. Looking up, the elderly woman saw the thin figure walking toward her again. She saw the young woman smiling and in her hands were three long yellow roses! The young woman gave her a kiss on the cheek and let her know that they were already paid for. The elderly woman began to cry as she then knew that she was not all alone! The elderly woman felt so loved and encouraged.

When I read this letter, I was crying at my desk! It was SO moving and convicting. I take for granted the sweet moments and priceless opportunities that I have with my husband and the ones I love. Life is too short for mediocre living! God, please help me to be thankful so each little blessing that you have given graciously to me.


  1. wow! what a moving letter!!
    Thanks for sharing it!!!

  2. I know! I was literally sittin in my cubical crying over it. :)